Top Health Preservation for Adults: exercise
Top Health Preservation for Adults: exercise
Go to exercise while the sun is right and the breeze is not dry.

what is the gap between people who exercise for a long time and those who do not?

the difference between the people in the picture is so great that it is eye-popping.

the state of a person who exercises regularly is completely different from that of people who do not exercise.

the difference between people who exercise and those who do not exercise is the whole life.

Mao Daqing, founder of WeWork, was diagnosed with depression in 2013.

then he started taking medicine, taking six kinds of medicine at a time, and had a lot of side effects.

at that time, the company happened to be promoting national sports and encouraging employees to exercise actively.

Mao Daqing is a person who hates sports very much, but in order to set an example in the company, he braved his head and started sports.

in the process of exercise, unwittingly, his psychology began to change very subtly.

on the night after the first five kilometers, he didn't take any medicine, but he slept soundly.

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exercise made him happy at once.

after running every morning, I come home to take a bath and feel in a good mood all day.

through exercise, Mao Daqing became more and more optimistic, gradually got rid of the torture of depression and stopped taking a lot of medicine every day.

Mao Daqing said with emotion:

"I do think that exercise can cure depression. It cured me. Later, I stopped taking medicine and slept well."

people who exercise are more optimistic than those who don't.

I believe that many people have the experience that when they are in trouble, as long as they go out and run a few laps and sweat, their body and mind will be much more comfortable.

exercise can heal the body and mind, make a person optimistic and better face the storms of life.

in everyone's impression, what should a person look like in old age?

is he old and in a straight line, running to the hospital every day and taking a lot of medicine every day?

but Huang Xujin, an 81-year-old man in Xi'an, is still Hale and hearty.

Uncle Huang likes running and has been running for 20 years.

as long as it doesn't rain, I will run every other day, and the 400-meter dash will take no more than 1 minute and 34 seconds.

Uncle Huang in the photo is energetic, muscular and extremely healthy.

many young netizens laughed at themselves. Uncle Huang ran, and young people couldn't catch up at all.

Chow Yun-fat said:

"if you exercise earlier, you can have a 40-year-old body at the age of 80."

exercise is not only the best weapon against time, but also the best secret book to keep healthy.

for a period of time, Bai Yansong always felt that his blood pressure was a little high and kept getting dizzy. He went to the hospital to check his blood pressure to a critical point.

on the advice of the doctor,

Bai Yansong has made an adjustment, which is very simple, that is, exercise.

walk fast for an hour every night, then start running slowly and keep running all the time.

the only way for a person to have a healthy body is to overcome laziness, stand on the "runway" and start exercise.

only those who can manage healthy people can manage their lives well. without health, everything is empty talk.

someone on Zhihu asked: "how to become thin and beautiful in a short time?"

the high praise answer has only two simple words: "exercise."

her name is Sunny. She is only 23 years old, but she is often said to look like an aunt.

because of being often laughed at, Sunny becomes more and more self-abased, less confident, and even afraid to look in the mirror.

she asked herself, "are you going to get fat like this in your life?"

the answer is, no, she decided to start changing herself.

so she bought a pair of sneakers and a sportswear and assigned herself a 20-week running fat reduction plan.

in the first week, I was out of breath and wanted to give up because I didn't exercise for too long and didn't run a few steps.

the second week, it is still very difficult, often side stitches, leg cramps, especially painful.

in the fifth week, the exhaustion of running, coupled with the bad weather, made her more and more devastated.

in the 6th week, the body begins to get used to this rhythm and can run further.

in the 7th and 8th weeks, the speed has also improved, and I no longer feel that running is an ordeal.

in the 20th week, she did not relax and ran faster and faster, which surprised everyone around her.

if there are two different people, they are clearly two people.

Sunny said with delight:

"not only am I getting better, but my skin is getting younger and my temperament is becoming more attractive."

Sanmao said, "if you read too many books, your appearance will change naturally."

sports, the steps you run and the sweat you run will finally show through your temperament.

exercise can make you more beautiful, more confident and in better shape.

obviously, exercise is the best skin care product and the most cost-effective investment.

Lao Wang, a self-media man, told the story of one of his friends.

when he met this friend, he began to get in touch with sports, he was a little fat, and he was a little restrained from the start.

in the following three years, this friend incorporated sports into his daily habits.

the person has lost weight, full of energy, and the whole person has become much more confident and leisurely.

Today, this friend is a real sports enthusiast, going to the gym 5-6 times a week, and all kinds of exercise programs are carried out in an orderly way.

Lao Wang asked his friend, what are the greatest benefits that sports bring to life?

the friend replied:

"exercise makes me more disciplined and gives me more control over my life."

when others stay at home playing games and mobile phones every day, they have already worked out.

when others struggle to get up, he has finished his morning run and completed the amount of exercise for the day.

because he wants to make time for exercise, he has unwittingly become very self-disciplined in other aspects.

for example, work without procrastination and efficiency, only in this way can you ensure that you have enough time to exercise.

never stay up late at night, enough sleep can make fitness better.

Don't eat unhealthy foods that are high in sugar and salt, so as to keep in good shape.

exercise makes him a highly self-disciplined person.

Haruki Murakami once said:

"running is a kind of training for yourself, through running to develop the habit of self-discipline, exercise their willpower, in doing other things, the use of self-discipline has become an easy thing."

exercise makes people self-disciplined, and a truly self-disciplined person tends to have more choices than others, and the wider and freer the road to life.

I like this sentence very much:

"exercise, even for 5 or 10 minutes, is closer to where you want to be than sitting or lying down."

the life of exercise is really different from that of not exercising.

every drop of sweat you shed when you exercise will not let you down in the future.

when you start to run, you will eventually have a good state of mind, a healthy body, a sunny face, and an open life.

, go to exercise while the sun is right and the breeze is not dry.

run and meet a better self in the sweat.