Unhappy, because of lack of wisdom.
Unhappy, because of lack of wisdom.
A person's wisdom is not enough, will give rise to boundless troubles and worries.


the famous writer Lin Yutang said: "Su Dongpo is an hopeless optimist."

Su Shi is always open-minded and optimistic in the face of the ups and downs of life and the ups and downs of the situation.

it is not the thing itself that determines the mood, but your perception of it.

A person who is not wise enough will give rise to boundless troubles and worries.

only by promoting wisdom and making the heart clear and transparent can we live happily and save unhappiness.

think of life as spiritual practice

there is an old Chinese saying: "if you don't go through one thing, you won't gain wisdom."

people need to be honed in things in order to increase their knowledge and achieve something.

but some people will regard setbacks and tribulations as a test, and once they fail, they will be sad and depressed and depressed.

there are also people who will become more and more brave, regard failure as a ladder of progress, and continue to move forward with a smile.

Su Shi is the latter, and he turns every failure and misfortune into his own way of advancement.

as we all know, Su Shi nearly died in the Wutai poem case, and even asked his younger brother to arrange the aftermath.

because of his humble position and poor life, he could not build a Su embankment like he did in Hangzhou, nor could he exterminate locusts and provide disaster relief as he did in Michigan.

in this situation, Su Shi is still doing his duty as scholar-officials. Drowning babies became popular in Huangzhou because of poverty. Su Shi realized that when he learned the situation, he actively ran and saved countless babies.

period, Su Shi also wrote many well-known masterpieces, and made great achievements in poetry, calligraphy, painting and the study of Confucian classics.

he regards life as a spiritual practice. He neither insists on temporary gains or losses, nor does he care about temporary success or failure.

but to turn all the unhappiness encountered into nourishment and upward motivation for growth.

such people will not feel sorry for themselves, will not be easily knocked down, but the more experienced, the stronger.

learn to reconcile with life

Su Shi became famous when he was young, and the imperial examinations and the imperial examination were naturally triumphant.

Ouyang Xiu, the examiner, once said, "the old man should avoid the road and let him out of the way."

even Song Renzong openly said that Su Shi had the talent of prime minister.

but things are changeable, his fate is ill-fated, and one disaster after another comes.

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the parents died, the young son died young, was demoted from Beijing, friends turned against each other, and then drifted all his life until he died in a foreign country.

Life is mixed and things are disturbed one after another, but he always chooses to reconcile with life and with himself.

in Huangzhou, Su Shi "knows the beauty of fish around the Yangtze River, and the fragrance of bamboo shoots in the mountains."

in Huizhou, Su Shi "should Lingnan be bad?" But said, this peace of mind is my hometown ";

in Danzhou, Su Shi "I am a native of Hainan, parasitic on West Shuzhou".

even Zhang Dun, the powerful minister who persecuted him, saw that he wrote, "Mr. Quandao sleeps beautifully in spring, and the Taoist light strikes the five-shift clock." he felt that he was too happy in his life, and he was relegated.

after being hit by life, he still loves life. Only such Su Shi can become the spiritual idol of the Chinese people.

Yang Jiang said: "in this materialistic world, being a man is really hard enough."

people live a lifetime, how many ups and downs, several tribulations, some unsatisfactory, but also contrary to one's wishes.

if you always stare at the pain of the past and the troubles of the present, you will only let the sense of frustration destroy your life.

and the really wise people tend to be good at making peace with life, do not struggle without entanglement, and live a full and happy life.

be your own bystander

there is a saying in the Book of the Old Tang Dynasty: "those who are in power are confused, but bystanders are clear."

Su Shi also said: "the reason why we cannot know the true face of Lushan Mountain is because we are in the middle of these mountains."

Life is like a game, if you get caught up in it, you will only be confused and confused, rare and free and easy.

at this time, it is better to get out of the matter and look at life from the perspective of a bystander, so that you can easily break the situation and live out the clouds and open the moon.

the world changes, the eunuch sea ups and downs, Su Shi's life from south to north, more or less frustrated, more or less alienated joys and sorrows.

but with mountains and rivers as his relatives, accompanied by delicious food, he lived his life like a poem, and really achieved detachment and outlook on the world.

and all this is largely because he maintains a sense of distance from his real life.

he wrote in Chibi Fu: "sending mayflies to heaven and earth is a drop in the sea."

No matter how strong the personal feelings are and how special the personal experiences are, they all seem so insignificant in front of heaven and earth.

saw the breadth of heaven and earth, the size of the universe, understand their own small, but also gave birth to calm and open-minded.

saw the suffering of sentient beings, the difficulties of the world, understand their own shallowness, also gave birth to compassion and leniency.

whether those gains are good or lost, they suddenly feel that they are not worth mentioning, and there is no need to take them too seriously.

in the final analysis, everything in the world is nothing more than this, and all the sufferings will disappear in the end.

learn to be your own spectator for the rest of your life, lengthening the dimension of time and space, so that you won't feel sorry for yourself and feel sorry for yourself, but enjoy the moment and laugh at life.

Wisdom is the nemesis of emotion and the Terminator of annoyance.

when a person has enough wisdom and realm, his mood can be stable and his heart will be happy.

Don't worry about others, don't worry about things, and live happily is the best friend to yourself in this life.Generation.