Wang Xinling, suddenly became popular again.
Wang Xinling, suddenly became popular again.
Hope that Wang Xinling will always be a simple girl!


in the past two days, after Liu Jiehong unified the daily life of Chinese girls, Chinese boys also regained their youth because of the launch of Sister Lang.

I would like to ask, who hasn't seen Wang Xinling's performance in the first episode?

A song "Love you", from makeup to voice, is almost the same as the bouncing little girl more than a decade ago.

seeing that Wang Xinling suddenly became popular again, I really lamented that the artists of that era, as soon as they opened their mouth, they would pull me back to the best of times.

as soon as she appeared, the barrage filled the screen:

"my youth is back!"

"proper childhood memories!"

"I'm a member for my sister!"

the sudden bully-screen explosion stunned many young people, and they asked: why did Wang Xinling's popularity suddenly become popular?

so, fans who can no longer sit still replied:

her fans are just old, not dead.

indeed, the man who was confused by Wang Xinling at that time, with the broadcast of Sister Lang, the DNA in his bones moved fiercely.

the folds in the corners of the eyes can not be hidden happy at all.

risked being beaten by his wife, he gave up his choice of food.

risked cheating his teammates and stopped playing the game.

I didn't want to cry either, but the memory of my death suddenly attacked me.

the proficiency in dancing can be used as a backup dancer.

some people are bosses at home during the day and old men like Wang Xinling when they go home at night.

Today, Wang Xinling's classic songs directly slaughtered the list! The top ten accounted for nine!

to tell you the truth, Uncle's playlist for the past two days is also the song of Honey Master.

listening to these songs, I can't help feeling:

after all these years, there is still no one sweeter than Wang Xinling.

some people say that Wang Xinling's sweetness is like purity that has not been viciously beaten by society, but the reality is just the opposite.

in 1982, Wang Xinling was born into a less wealthy family in Hsinchu, Taiwan province.

after giving birth to Wang Xinling, my mother quit her job and devoted herself to her family.

however, her father takes less care of the family.

growing up in such an environment, Wang Xinling matured much earlier than other children.

at the age of five, other children were still being chased and fed by their parents, but she took good care of her newborn brother.

but even so, it did not change the family from cloudy to sunny, and the father asked his mother for a divorce. After that, the role of father completely disappeared from the family.

the burden of raising two young children is all on the mother alone.

stress builds up and my mother suffers from depression.

during that time, her mother's spirit was very sensitive. Wang Xinling was careful in front of her mother every day for fear that she would not do well, for fear of making her mother unhappy and for fear that her mother would be inexplicably angry.

the family is poor, the father is missing, the mother is depressed, and she takes care of her younger brother. This is Wang Xinling's childhood.

before giving birth to Wang Xinling, her mother used to work as a resident singer in a western restaurant. Wang Xinling followed her mother's good voice and liked to sing from an early age.

her mother took her to the ballroom to dance and sent her to participate in the children's disco competition held on TV.

in order to continue her daughter's dream, her mother sold the only valuable car in the family and sent her to art school.

she majored in drama, because her sweet looks were so popular that she had a chance to appear in a film and TV play before she graduated, and this beautiful girl from a poor family finally had a chance to turn around.

after her debut, she not only made a TV series, but also starred in MV and became familiar in the entertainment industry.

but in fact, in the bottom of her heart, the music could not be put down.

20, she went to a loud music audition on the recommendation of others, and successfully got a broker's appointment as a singer.

A year later, Wang Xinling was chosen by Aibex, and after three months of training, she successfully signed the contract.

in 2003, Wang Xinling released her first solo album "Cyndi Begin", in which the non-featured "when you" became an instant hit.

but for Jolin Tsai, who was more brightly colored at that time, Wang Xinling's position was still a little vague.

then, the company created a "sweet" image for her in terms of her first impression.

Wang Xinling might not have imagined that her name would become synonymous with sweetness in the future.

in 2004, Wang Xinling released her second album, Love you, which sold 200000 copies overnight and opened up foreign markets, selling more than 1.2 million copies in Asia.

countless men are chopped, and girls follow suit.

since then, "Honey Master" has become her title.

some people say that every time I listen to Wang Xinling's songs, I really want to be an "ignorant girl".

you don't care about water, electricity, rent, or promotion or pay.

every day I want to put on a touch of makeup and put on the dress I picked out the night before. Perhaps the biggest worry is which afternoon tea I'm going to have today.

this description is simply too apt.

after the explosion, Wang Xinling's song is to sing a song, a fire song..

the strange playfulness of the elves, only she can sing that kind of taste.

but she doesn't just sing silly sweet songs.

her songs are not only sweet, but also clear, like a mouthful of frozen sugar water taken out of the refrigerator in summer.

Honey Master is her main line, but every style of sub-line has her own flavor.

this kind of feeling cannot be learned or faked.

when everyone felt that she had finally been favored by fate, no one thought that the change would come so quickly.

in 2000, Wang Xinling, who was not yet 18 years old, got to know Fan Zhiwei, who was also an actress because of her role in a TV series.

may be due to the lack of fatherly love since childhood, this is the first time she feels the care of a man, over time, the two fall in love.

but she obviously didn't do her homework. Fan Zhiwei is a famous sea king in the circle.

while she was training abroad, her boyfriend cheated and responded to rumors that he did not have a girlfriend and was single.

and this betrayal, not only once, but again and again.

was teased by fate. Later, Wang Xinling was on fire, but Fan Zhiwei lost his splash. Maybe he was hot, or he didn't like her.

A few years after the breakup, he posted an intimate photo of Wang Xinling on the Internet, with the article slandering.

all of a sudden, the pure man of Wang Xinling collapsed.

she suspended her work for three days and hid at home and burst into tears.

but it's not over. Troubles always pile up when you're vulnerable.

her father, who had disappeared for 17 years, suddenly ran out to do business in her name and was involved in a fraud.

all kinds of things, coupled with the previous busy work, the thin girl fell ill.

but she, who was tough as a child, was not so easily defeated, and became popular again after a year of silence.

won the sixth Huading Award for Best Actress in Chinese Idol motivational TV series for the TV series "falling in love with Chamela".

just when she was ready to give, she fell at the feet of the scumbag again.

the protagonist Yao Yuanhao this time.

not long after they fell in love and got back together with their ex-girlfriend of eight years, Wang Xinling was involved in a third party.

in the face of public opinion, Yao Yuanhao stood up and responded: "my relationship with Sui Tang (ex-girlfriend) is very good."

the betrayed Wang Xinling loudly stated her position:

"I have been hurt by a third party, and I will never allow myself to be the third party in other people's feelings."

he is resolute, but alone.

after this, Wang Xinling was never able to get up and return to the altar.

as she grew older, she tried to change her style, but fans didn't buy it.

later, because of perennial running around, immunity decreased, facial inflammation and swelling, and fell into a "plastic surgery" storm.

Xiaohua of the same period either stood firm and unshaken, or the transformation succeeded in turning the market again, and only she disappeared from sight a little.

until the age of 36, she abandoned her obsession and released another sweet song.

"cuteness is a part of me. I hope I can keep this face five years later. I don't worry about being said to be young, because everyone pursues youth, but I don't mean to be young. I don't want to erase my personality. I don't want to be someone else."

Sweet feeling, it should not be my burden, it should be my characteristic. "

it was only after a big dream that she found herself.

reconcile with the bonds of sweetness and age.

as she said in "braving the Wind and waves":

"isn't it nice to be called" Honey Grandma "when I'm still singing" Love you "on crutches in my eighties?

in recent years, she has not often appeared in the public eye, but she has lived a full and happy life.

she decorated her house in her favorite pink, and dolls of all sizes can be seen everywhere.

when I have leisure, I pick up a pen to draw.

or play with dogs.

there is a sense of ritual in every festival.

in order to maintain her sense of being a young girl, she also likes sports very much.

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