Watch your mouth and don't say these three words.
Watch your mouth and don't say these three words.
Keep your mouth shut and keep your heart from making mistakes.

when it comes to self-discipline, people think of such actions as getting up at 6 o'clock every day and exercising for an hour.

in fact, self-discipline is not only reflected in personal behavior, but also in language communication.

some hurtful words are like spilled water, which, once spoken, cannot be undone.

but insisting on keeping your mouth shut and not saying these three words to anyone is a person's self-discipline in speech.

Don't talk big in front of people

Zeng Guofan said: "Don't talk big, don't pretend to be famous, don't set things up, and don't talk about excessively high reasons."

what you can't do, if you make a random promise, it will bring you unnecessary trouble.

Douban netizens

@ A fish

talked about his own experience.

his company had a particularly good year, and for this reason, the company gave its employees an extra bonus.

after he got the bonus, he was so happy that he invited several friends to get together in the evening to celebrate.

push the cup to change the room, a fish drank a little too much.

at this time, an unemployed friend complained, "your life is so good. How can I be so miserable that I still can't find a suitable job?"

when a fish heard this, his head warmed up and immediately answered, "Why don't you call me? our company is hiring. It's up to me."

on hearing this, the friend hurriedly thanked a fish and asked him to do so.

after the feast broke, a fish forgot about it. A few days later, when a friend called him about looking for a job, he remembered and lied that he was trying to find a way.

I am only a small clerk in the company, so I can't take care of recruitment at all. But the words have been spoken, and I can't take them back.

A few days later, when his friend asked him again, he still prevaricated with his friend, saying that the personnel department was adjusting and that it would take some time.

slowly, the relationship between the two became thinner when his friend learned that he didn't have the ability at all.

later, a fish posted: "I really regret that I boasted that I not only didn't help, but also lost such an important friend."

boasting for a moment not only frustrates the wishes of my friends, but also puts me in a dilemma.

as the Night talk around the stove says, "as the world believes, when it is possible, it is no longer able to speak."

the world believes in people who do things reliably, not those who say nice things.

the really strong never show off, because they know that instead of boasting, it is better to keep their feet on the ground and precipitate themselves for the future.

when people don't talk big, they are responsible to themselves as well as to others.

Don't gossip after people

Plato said, "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they want to."

those who speak without thinking will one day suffer the consequences because of their outspoken words.

there is such a plot in the Picture Book of Beijing Women.

in a blind date arranged by the company, Chen Ke was very happy to talk to each other, but unexpectedly won an endorsement, but there was no emotional connection.

her colleagues told her at the end of the blind date that it was best not to wear clothes with logo on a blind date, which would make men feel difficult to control, and she knew it instantly.

so, on the next blind date, she dressed up more casually and cutefully. Coincidentally, I also met an intern from my department, which embarrassed both of them.

but what these interns don't know is that Chen Ke is also in the bathroom at this time, hearing what they said clearly, which makes Chen Ke very angry.

in the final departmental assessment, the interns who talked about right and wrong behind their backs failed.

until they left, they didn't know what went wrong with them.

never gossip behind your back on any occasion, so as not to inadvertently offend others without knowing it.

as the saying goes, "there is no impervious fence."

Don't think that if you talk behind your back, you won't be known. When the gossip is exposed, that is, when you get angry.

poking at other people's shortcomings behind their backs and gossiping about others is bad for others and for themselves.

No matter what is right or wrong, it is a rare upbringing for a person not to reveal his strengths and weaknesses.

Don't complain to everyone

as the saying goes, "nine times out of ten there are unsatisfactory things in life."

in the face of unsatisfactory things, some people will seriously reflect in order to make progress, while some people always put the problems on others and complain incessantly.

see such a story on the Internet.

an old cook has two apprentices, the big apprentice is diligent and studious, and the second apprentice is cheating.

in order to train two apprentices, the old cook will arrange for them to clean up the kitchen in addition to teaching cooking skills.

on weekdays, when the second apprentice was cleaning up the kitchen, he complained about his master, feeling that it was already very hard to cook during the day, and that he had to clean up the mess, so he finished it hastily.

when the old master saw that the second apprentice was so unenterprising and always complained, he no longer arranged for him to clean the kitchen.Yes.

when it's the apprentice's turn, after cleaning up, he will seriously ask the master some questions he doesn't understand, ask for advice modestly, and take a pen and paper to record what he gets.

seeing that the elder brother was good at cooking, but he was still standing still, the second apprentice could not help asking the master if he had opened a small stove for the elder brother.

in fact, where is the master's eccentricity? The reason why there is such a gap is only because the elder brother spends all his time improving himself, and he spends all his time complaining.

half a year later, the big apprentice was invited to work as a chef in a big restaurant in the city, while the second apprentice could only run errands in the tavern.

Gui Guzi has a saying: "if you complain, you will never have a master."

full of complaints, will only let themselves in the emotional abyss, deeper and deeper, unable to extricate themselves.

instead of constantly complaining and consuming yourself, let go of your grievances and try to improve yourself.

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face up to the difficulties and face them before you have a chance to turn the market against the wind.

if you keep your mouth shut, you can control your life

there is a good saying: "if everyone does not talk about human affairs, there is nothing in the world."

A man can control his life if he can keep his mouth shut.

people do not talk crazy in front of people, do not gossip after people, and be cautious in words and deeds, which is the respect for others and the responsibility for themselves.

do not complain to others, often reflect on yourself, in order to change the current situation.

as a saying goes, "keep your mouth shut and keep your heart safe."

May we shut up, achieve ourselves with actions, and demand ourselves with self-discipline. In the end, we will become what we want to be.