Wechat never post moments, not low-key, nine times out of ten are these four kinds of people
Wechat never post moments, not low-key, nine times out of ten are these four kinds of people
The world is our own, and we don't have to consume ourselves in casual acquaintances.


do you have such an experience?

when I just added a Wechat friend, I couldn't help but wonder if I looked at his moments first to get a preliminary understanding.

however, most of the time, there is nothing to be found. This person is either set to be visible for three days, or his moments are empty and there is nothing.

We can't help but wonder: don't we all post on moments?

some time ago, Wechat released a set of data:

every day, 1.09 billion people open Wechat and 780 million browse on moments, but only 120 million post on moments.

that is to say, more than 90% of people in life do not post on moments.

in fact, people who do not post on moments are not withdrawn or too low-key, they may be these four kinds of people.

recognize life clearly and refuse to socialize ineffectively

there is a popular question and answer on Zhihu: "Why is it that the older people get, the more silent they become?"

A high praise replied, "because some people have nothing to say and some people have nothing to say."

when we are young, we are always in a hurry to get in touch with the whole world. The more friends, the better, and the more people around us, the more lively.

but as we walk, we realize that people's joys and sorrows are not the same, and there is no need to invite everyone into life.

in the Q & A comment area, netizens


Silent Lamb

shared his story.

he said that he used to like to post on moments, ranging from work and employment to eating and drinking, he would share it with everyone.

once, he was depressed because of his failure in the intermediate professional title examination, so he sent a circle of friends to ask for comfort.

I didn't expect to get 70 or 80 likes and 20 or 30 messages in half a day.

there are people who tease and ask him out for a drink; some who joke with him and nonsense; others who seriously criticize him; and several who recommend online lessons to him.

he replied one by one, but his mood became more depressed and anxious, until he saw a private message from an elder: "Don't pay attention to this, either review it or find another way out."

this sentence suddenly pointed out the confusion for him.

, instead of thinking about posting to his moments whenever he had something to do, he calmed down and carefully prepared for the exam.

after blocking ineffective social interaction, netizens found that the world suddenly quieted down and he had more time to improve himself.

gradually, he no longer posts moments every day, nor does he seek likes from others. Even the most difficult days after being lovelorn, he survived alone.

because he saw clearly that not everyone can understand themselves, and life does not need so many people to participate.

his story resonates with many people.

in life, we are always accidentally entangled in interpersonal relationships and unwittingly spend our precious passion on meaningless chatting, partying and supporting each other.

Mr. Lu Xun said, "Beasts walk alone, cattle and sheep flock together."

the really powerful people have long shielded themselves from the troubles of the outside world and walked alone in their own world.

be transparent and not blindly compare with others

some time ago, I was surprised to find that my best friend had not updated her moments for a long time.

before that, she was the one who broadcast her life live on moments five or six times a day.

in the morning, the child stayed in bed, made a good dish at noon, the work was dizzy by colleagues, and the takeout boy was very warm.

I talked about her in private about her recent "anomaly", but I didn't expect to attract a complaint from her.

not long ago, she saw someone in her moments post that her child had taken the "three good students" at the municipal level. She thought that her child only got the district level, and she felt that she had been beaten all of a sudden.

so for several days in a row, she found out all kinds of certificates and awards from her children and handed out circles one by one.

later, when she picked up her children from school, she heard several parents say:

"I am bored to death by Wen Wen's mother. It seems that her daughter is the best in the world."

"Yes, I really want to block her."

listening to others say so about themselves, my best friend's face was blue and white, and she stood there at a loss.

after returning home, she began to reflect that the original intention of posting her moments was to record her life, but she fell into a strange circle of keeping up with the comparison.

when she sees others drying their children, she compares them; when she sees others traveling, she also has to post pictures of them; when she sees others buying bags, she also publishes her own big-name scarf.

by comparison, I have become what I am now.

BFF decided to stop posting and browsing moments frequently.

have read such a sentence:

"Life is fair. Everyone has been bitten once for the assigned apple, but in a different position."

there are many dimensions of life, and meaningless comparisons will only increase troubles, and people with a clear heart have already learned to be bearish.

you don't have to live in the shadow of others, and you don't have to envy the scenery in other people's lives. You can experience the beauty of your own life with your heart.

Don't lose yourself in the comparison. Each fish lives in a different sea, and everyone has his own splendor.

know how to be pragmatic and not be a false person

have read such a story.

Girl YOYO, the first thing she does when she wakes up every day is make-up.

Get ready to shop a magnificent sexy white dresses and feel your extremely best ? Take advantage of the unique combination of comfort and simplicity.

there is nothing wrong with girls' love of beauty, but YOYO makeup can be called a change of face, which takes two and a half hours every day.

from shampoo, cleansing, bottom makeup to false eyelashes, eye makeup, cosmetology. She is like a sculptor standing in front of a mirror, carefully carving her face.

and the purpose of all this is just to take a few photos and post moments on that day, so as to gain admiration and praise from the online world.

she was immersed in it every day, unable to extricate herself, but put down her phone and returned to reality, but fell into extreme inferiority and fear.

every time she takes off her makeup, she seems to be beaten back to the prototype of the "ugly duckling" in a second, completely losing the courage to face the real world.

people, like plants, cannot take root and survive without the soil of life.

after a painful struggle, YOYO finally decided to be a real person and stand boldly in the sun.

she said: "I am not perfect, perfect how pale, I am perfect, I am perfectly myself."

this story, which comes from the female monologue "hear her say", once caused a heated discussion.

people begin to wonder, how long have we not returned to reality? Why do we play "others" in the online world?

obviously, he doesn't have much savings, but he has a big meal in the circle of friends. He is obviously lonely, but he shows his acquaintance all over the world. He obviously doesn't like the excitement, but he always likes to be the "king of the audience" in the circle of friends.

it's tiring to be who you really are, but it's more tiring to pretend to be living.

more and more people are tired of camouflage. They understand that only when people step on the ground with their feet, can they take a steady step.

most of the time, we don't post on moments, but we just want to briefly escape from the virtual world and return to the real and hard reality.

pay attention to your heart and stay away from the hustle and bustle

someone on the Internet asked: "what is the mentality of people who do not post on moments?"

one netizen replied: "I just found the best way to get along with the world."

this is true.

Life is not necessarily bad for those who live in the circle of friends and who disappear from the circle of friends.

Li Jian, who can be called a "clear stream" in the entertainment circle, seems to have been wandering outside the hustle and bustle in the colorful hustle and bustle.

once when he participated in a program, someone wanted to add him as a Wechat friend, but Li Jian said, "I don't have Wechat."

then he took out his mobile phone, and everyone realized that Li Jian's mobile phone was not a smartphone, and its function was to make calls and send text messages.

he joked: "I'm so smart, why do I need a cell phone?"

so he changed his mobile phone, didn't use Wechat or moments, and devoted himself to life.

in his house, there is a room full of records and books.

when he has nothing to do, he listens to music, reads books, drinks a few cups of tea, and meditates on the past.

more often, he is immersed in music creation, busy with his career, occasionally cooking, hiking with his family, and finding three or five friends to drink.

you see, isn't Li Jian, who doesn't post a single post on moments, living a wonderful life?

when you stay away from the hustle and bustle and look into your heart, you will certainly find the most suitable way of life.

just as Liang Qichao said, "mortals must often live in interest before life is valuable."

if a person drinks water, he or she knows that the interest of life depends on the search of the heart.

Life is a process of removing the turnip and saving the turnip. Don't let the noise lose its heart. Only on a quiet day can the water flow for a long time.

like Cai Kangyong's sentence very much:

"We would like to congratulate those who do not post on moments, devote most of their efforts to real life, and congratulate them on finding the focus of life."

when people reach middle age and reach the half slope of life, we gradually understand:

the world is your own, it has nothing to do with others, and you don't have to consume yourself in casual acquaintances.

it is hard to tell the true from the false in life. To be a real person is far better than to put on a mask and play the role of others. The best life is not to be complacent among the stars and the moon, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart and guard the peace of the years.

the torrent of life is rolling forward. May you and I both find the best way to get along with the outside world, easygoing and independent, real and comfortable.

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