What is missing in life, you can see at a glance, it is too accurate!
What is missing in life, you can see at a glance, it is too accurate!
You can know two or three at a glance what is missing in your life!

people often say:

"Life is made by oneself, and phase is made by the heart."

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when you think about it, it's not unreasonable.

A person's fate is in his own hands, and some of it can be revealed in his body, appearance and heart.

you can know two or three at a glance what is missing in your life!

good face = good state of mind

someone asks a question on the Internet:

"what is the rarest thing in a lifetime?"

there is an answer:

"have a 'pretty' face."

I deeply agree with this. To live is to live a mood and a state of mind.

whether your state of mind is good or not depends on the look on your face.

A good state of mind, everything is good, everything is pleasing to the eye, and the face is naturally glowing.

the state of mind is poor, feel that everywhere hit a brick wall, the face inevitably becomes depressed unconsciously.

think of the takeout guy squatting on the floor drinking beer.

on the way of delivery, he accidentally collided with an uncle on a motorcycle.

although both of them were fine, the beer in the car was spilled all over the floor.

I thought they would be depressed. I didn't think that neither of them showed any displeasure, but picked up the rest of the beer and drank it together.

A person who can maintain such a positive attitude even when he is unhappy is naturally an optimistic person by nature.

Yes, it's done. There's no point in quarreling when you complain with a cold face.

it is better to accept it calmly. After all, there is no way to change the facts whether you are annoyed or not.

all say: "face is heart phase."

what your inner world is, that's how you look.

people who often keep a straight face and look ugly will not have a good state of mind.

such people, unable to control their emotions, are apt to frown and complain about others, which naturally makes their lives very tired.

and people with peace of mind, no matter what situation they face, will not be easily affected, and can always smile calmly to everything.

good luck = good habits

in life, there are always some people who complain about their bad luck when they are unlucky.

for example, if you stay up late at night to watch the drama and fail to get up early in time, you will miss the subway and be late for work.

for example, when you go home to open the door, you throw away the key, and when you need it, you can't remember where to put it.

do not realize that all blessings and disasters do not come out of thin air.

your luck is hidden in your habits.

many small habits, seemingly inconspicuous, are enough to change a person's life over time.

remember that there is a saying:

"A person's later life is made up of habits."

your life will be whatever you are used to.

remember the interviewer who stood out among the many strong job-hunting competitors?

whether it is seniority or education, there are many people who are better than him, and his chances of success are close to zero.

in the end, he was taken in by the interviewer because of a small habit.

of all the applicants, only he picked up the garbage bag left at the door and threw it into the dustbin before entering the door.

but when he was praised by everyone, he just said shyly:

"actually, it's nothing. I just have this habit."

every seemingly inconspicuous habit in your life may lead to a major turning point in your life.

A philosopher once said:

"Life is but the sum of countless habits."

people with good habits will not have too bad luck.

most of the time, we feel unlucky, maybe you lack a good habit.

good heart = good popularity

it is said that interacting with people begins with empathy, coincides with character, is long and kind, and ends with character.

that's true.

through careful observation in life, it is not difficult to find that only people with a good heart and good character can be appreciated and favored by others for a long time.

most of the time, we envy others for being popular and popular, but we don't know what they give behind them.

there is a new colleague in the company. she is very popular as soon as she comes here, and everyone likes to deal with her very much.

after getting along with her, I finally understand why she is so popular.

one weekend, I went out to dinner with her and came out of the mall when it suddenly began to rain.

at that time, an old woman was standing at the door taking shelter from the rain without an umbrella, with a lot of things in her hand.

my colleague went forward and asked:

"where are you going, old man?"

when he heard the old man say he was going to the station, his colleague said:

"so are we. We happen to be with you."

seeing the old man nodding, the colleague took the things in the old man's hand without saying a word and took her to the station with an umbrella.

when she arrived at the station, her colleague asked the old man to take her umbrella and left with peace of mind.

in her work, she never cares about everything and always helps other colleagues without complaint.

in private, she is also very good at taking care of people, thinking about everything and thinking about others.

it is her indifference and willingness to pay that has accumulated a lot of good popularity for her.

A rose is given, but the fragrance remains in the hand.

those who are full of goodwill to the world will eventually reap the goodwill from this world.

as the old saying goes, "circumstances change with your heart."

people who are helpful and kind-hearted will spread their goodwill no matter where they are.

Lin Yutang once said in Jinghua Yanyun:

"in a person's life, there are some subtle things that are meaningless, but of great importance.

after things have changed, looking back on its causality, we find that the impact is astonishing. "

think about it carefully, it is true, most of the time, what you think is accidental, in fact, it is inevitable.

what is missing in life has a lot to do with yourself.

God is fair. Life will give back to you what kind of attitude you take to face life.

the most useless thing in this world is to complain, learn to correct your mindset, be yourself, and strive for your own destiny.

I hope each and every one of us can have a good mentality, practice good habits, win good popularity, and be good people!