What is upbringing? That's the best answer I've ever heard.
What is upbringing? That's the best answer I've ever heard.
Be a person with fragrance in the soul, scenery in the eyes and breeding in the heart.

writer Lin Qingxuan once wrote an essay called "the make-up of Life".

in this article, he talks about the three realms of makeup:

the third-rate makeup is the makeup on the face. For example, dressing and dressing, it actually makes little change to a person.

the second-rate makeup is spiritual makeup. For example, improving our lifestyle, exercising and going to bed early, it will make us feel refreshed.

so what is first-rate makeup?

is the makeup of life.

the so-called "makeup of life" is "kind-hearted and caring for others", constantly improving the inner quality and upbringing with sincere words and deeds.

only when there is a change in upbringing, can life really become beautiful and rich.

self-media blog argues that different people have told a story.

when he first started his business, the company recruited a female college student.

in his twenties, he often wears a tall ponytail and looks youthful.

Girls are eloquent and laugh when they chat with the manager.

but less than a month later, Zhang decided to fire her.

the reason originates from two small things.

one thing happened in the bathroom.

one day, the girl came out of the bathroom and met the cleaning aunt head on.

Auntie saw the messy paper towels under the sink and muttered, "isn't the trash can on the left-hand side?"

unexpectedly, the girl asked loudly with disdain: "isn't cleaning your job?"

this scene happened to be seen by Zhang Chai, who was passing by. He was surprised that the girl had two different faces.

another thing happens on rainy days.

Zhang Chai took the girl to meet the client.

when I got back to the office, it rained cats and dogs outside.

they managed to get a taxi in the rain.

Zhang Chai sat in the passenger seat, while the girl sat alone in the back seat.

as a result, when she got on the bus, the girl put her delicate little umbrella on the seat.

Rain Water on the umbrella soon seeped into the cushion, dripping wet.

seeing this in the rearview mirror, Zhang Chai was so mixed that he finally decided to fire her.

later, Zhang Jie quoted a passage in the video saying:

"I've seen a lot of people who put out half a cigarette in their leftover meal and throw snot-wiping paper towels into the vegetable box.

this may seem like nothing wrong, but such a move shows that they have no one else in mind.

if a person is not educated, then even if he has a good education, he still has nothing to grow up.

it's like a person can keep eating, but his intestines and stomach don't absorb it, he gets nothing in the basket, and he's still skinny in the end. "

A person has a foothold in the world, the greatest capital is education.

without upbringing, even good quality will deteriorate, and even rich capital will depreciate.

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in this life, talent and ability may determine how high we jump, but education and self-cultivation determine how far we can go.

as Grimes Hausen said:

"the mind of a man without education, knowledge and practice is like a field. Even if this field is naturally fertile, it will not bear fruit without ploughing and sowing."

I like three sentences about upbringing.

first sentence: upbringing comes from insight and compassion.

King Edward of England visited an area of London.

when he came to the door of a rickety house, he did not go straight in, but stopped at the door.

he was very touched when he looked at the dilapidated house.

facing the destitute old lady in the house, he asked softly, "May I come in, please?"

A simple sentence reflects the tenderness, understanding and thoughtfulness of the heart.

what is upbringing? This is upbringing.

Ma Yifu once said, "I know the world, but I still feel sorry for the grass and trees."

the more you see, the bigger the world you see, the more you respect different people.

you will understand that the so-called nobility is never to elevate yourself by suppressing others, but to care for and care for others from the bottom of your heart.

the real upbringing is compassion with empathy, understanding in one's shoes and the care of others.

second sentence: the best attitude to get along with others is to look down.

in the TV series Old Tavern, Chen Huaihai is the owner of a pub.

there is an old man who makes a living by begging. He often goes to his pub to drink.

every time he enters the door, he is ragged and dishevelled.

other stores see such customers for fear of driving them out.

but Chen Huaihai not only warmly entertains him, but also often teaches the clerks in the shop:

"when you enter the door of the old pub, there are all guests. A penny of wine is friendship, and a jin of wine is friendship, regardless of thickness."

he is not treated differently because of the old man's status of "begging", nor has he ever been arrogant because of his status as a "shopkeeper".

what is upbringing? This is upbringing.

if we say that there are three attitudes towards interpersonal communication.

thatThose who look down, domineering and belittling others.

those who look up are afraid to worship and underestimate themselves.

only those who are contemptuous are not proud of others at the top and not humble at the bottom, which is not only comprehensive to others, but also to themselves.

when you interact with others, you don't need to grovel to yourself, nor to flatter and flatter others.

neither humble nor arrogant, let each other feel like a spring breeze, is the best state.

the third sentence: advanced upbringing is to put others at ease.

Zhihu blogger

@ Gold RIch Money

shared one thing.

when he was on a high-speed train, he once met a middle-aged man with a big beard.

after getting on the high-speed train, the man first found a seat to sit down.

after a while, he put the back down again, lay down and said, "comfortable."

then the man suddenly ran to the back of the seat, sat with arms and legs up for a few seconds, and then returned to his position again.

after sitting in his seat for a few seconds, he ran to the back seat and sat down.

this has been repeated many times.

the blogger saw this and asked him curiously, "what are you doing?"

the man replied, "I'm afraid that lowering the back will affect the passengers behind me, so I want to adjust it to an appropriate degree."

what is upbringing? This is upbringing.

Matsuura Mitaro wrote the following paragraph in "100 Basics":

when you go to the bathroom, think of the next person to use it;

when throwing rubbish, think of the people who send it to the dump, the people who recycle and transport it, and the people who dispose of it.

in the work of magazines, think of people who proofread manuscripts, printers, bookbinders, people who ship books to bookstores, people who sell books for us, and readers.

get along with others, try your best to rest assured of other people's feelings.

the best upbringing for a person is not to sacrifice the happiness of others for a moment, but to learn to take care of others in a subtle way.

Bi Shumin said: "educated people have a warm spring in their hearts."

wherever you go, educated people can always make everything around them comfortable and comfortable.

the kind of kindness rooted in the heart, derived from the thoughtfulness of the bones, is a more precious wealth than money.

the rest of my life is long. May you and I both restrain and refine ourselves in our daily words and deeds, and constantly improve our behavior.

be a person with fragrance in the soul, scenery in the eyes and breeding in the heart.