What's the difference between a man abandoning a woman and a woman giving up a man?
What's the difference between a man abandoning a woman and a woman giving up a man?
When fate comes, it gathers, and when fate goes, it scatters. There is no need to be too obsessive.

at the beginning of every relationship, I go to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

it is a pity that "colorful clouds are easy to disperse and glass is crisp". Two people who once loved each other may not be able to make it to the end.

when one of them is no longer in love, a breakup is inevitable.

in fact, both men and women have different signs when they want to give up a relationship.

when men decide to give up a relationship, most of them will not take the initiative to say it, but choose indifference and alienation.

you are no longer booed and asked for warmth, the phone is often not answered, the message is no longer answered in time, even if the call is cold and perfunctory, there is no enthusiasm in the tone.

there will be an air of indifference to everything between you.

when you ask him for advice, the most common sentence you hear is "casually".

not because he is easy to get along with and accommodate you, but because he doesn't care and doesn't care.

when I am with you, I often show disgust and impatience.

if you show a little dissatisfaction, he will say that you are unreasonable and asking for trouble.

this is the selfishness and cowardice of men, who clearly want to give up, but do not want to bear the charge of ruthlessness and betrayal.

that's why I will snub you and alienate you in action.

even deliberately do things that make you sad and sad, in order to make you choose to leave him voluntarily, so that you can put all the blame on you.

many women do not understand this and think that even if they break up, they should be honest and clear.

in fact, many things do not need answers, attitude is the best proof.

as this sentence says:

"the way adults end a relationship is not quarrel and collapse, but silent alienation."

the original love is true, and the later change of heart is also true.

now that love is gone, there is no need to cling to it. Letting go is the best choice for each other.

I have seen such a passage:

"everything has a time limit, and the so-called infinity can only be to a certain extent.

if you suffer for one person, you can only suffer to a certain extent, and then you will wake up and stop wasting time.

miss a person, can only miss to a certain extent, when missing for a long time, you will sooner or later despair.

this passage is a good explanation of a woman's attitude in love.

everyone's enthusiasm is limited and disappointment accumulates gradually.

No matter how hot my heart is, I can't stand the indifference and hurt again and again.

when a woman is tired in a relationship and wants to give up the relationship, she becomes relaxed and relieved.

she won't ask about you, she won't urge you to go home early, and she won't worry about who you're with.

if you care about a person, you will ask questions, and you will be jealous.

since you want to give up, everything about you becomes less important.

Men always dislike women's nagging. In fact, only when a woman loves you will she gossip about you.

urge you to do things seriously, share her feelings with you, and chat about what you have seen and heard, news and gossip.

and when she no longer loves you, she will become reticent, hide all her worries in her heart and stop telling you.

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when women fall in love, they are often desperate and devote all their energies to another person.

but when she wants to give up, she takes back those thoughts and spends more time on herself.

begin to dress up, work hard and keep friends, and you will find that she has become beautiful, but she no longer belongs to you.

"there is always something that we do not want to happen, but we must accept it calmly; there are always some people who, we cannot do without, must learn to give up and let go."

feelings of this kind of thing, very often can not tell who is right and who is wrong, fate comes together, fate goes away, there is no need to be too obsessed.

now that there is an omen, put what should be put and forget what should be forgotten.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:


give others back to others, give yourself back to yourself.

Let flowers become flowers, let trees become trees, from then on the landscape, never meet again.

wish the afterlife, do not see, do not read, do not owe.


, good night.