When a person does not contact you or block you, there is only one reason.
When a person does not contact you or block you, there is only one reason.
May you and I cherish all the encounters for the rest of my life.



there is

words of high praise from Duan:

"it's really easy for people to get separated. A day without contact, a week without contact, a month without contact, unwittingly becomes the past."

on the road of life, some people, often after a short time side by side, will hastily pass by each other.

even if it is decades of feelings, it is difficult to beat the invasion of time, the migration of time.

it is not that the affection is not deep enough, it is not that the heart is not true enough, but the fate is not controlled by people, and it is the norm in the world to go further and further away.

as written in the book "May all meet at the right time":

"in the future, we will certainly abandon each other, ring the bell, arrive at the station, lead to a new life, leave a gap for each other, and wait for time to fill up slowly."


some side by side, but shoulder to shoulder

Yao Chen once talked about such an experience in the Reader.

but when Yao Chen dragged her heavy suitcase to the fat girl's place, she found that the place where the fat girl lived was a large courtyard shared by many people, including men and women, old and young.

and the fat girl's room was only as wide as two sofas, and there was nothing but a bed supported by a board.

although the fat girl did not have a satisfactory life in Beijing, she was duty-bound to take in Yao Chen.

years later, recalling this experience again, Yao Chen said with emotion:

but when Dong Qing asked Yao Chen when she last saw a fat girl, she said sadly:

"I don't remember. I haven't had any contact for a long time.


are you also

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there have been times like this:

childhood friends used to be inseparable, but with the growth of age, gradually less contact, no topic, meet again, leaving only embarrassment and alienation.

my college classmates and roommates clearly agreed that they would get together again in a few years, but they went their separate ways after graduation, and good-bye was a long way off.

the person you once loved, you wrote him into the blueprint for the future countless times, but finally disappeared in your life.

when I was young, I was always looking forward to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), but I didn't know until I grew up that there was nothing in this world that would never be separated.

think of the sentence that he Jiong once said in the yearning Life:

"I never expect to keep anyone for a lifetime, because I know that some people come to accompany you for a while."

Life has a long way to go, and some people can accompany you for a ride, but not for your whole life.

I was lucky to meet and walk side by side.

No matter how good the relationship is, it is hard to filter the time

have heard a poem:

"there are many different paths in the north and south of life, and you go to Xiaoxiang and I to Qin."

A few numbers, but they tell the whole story of the gathering and separation between people.

Life has been separated since ancient times, and it is rare in the world to get together.

years are silent, so that too many people, in the torrent of time, to a different track.


@ cat ears

shared a sad past on Zhihu.

she has a good friend for more than ten years. From primary school to high school, both of them are studying in the same school.

when they study, they always stick together and say everything.

but later, they went to different cities to go to college, and gradually they had less contact with each other.

but she didn't want to lose her former friend, so she began to contact her actively.

however, I found that the friend who used to have endless words has become much more estranged.

once, when she saw a very interesting video on her mobile phone, she excitedly sent it to her friend, saying that she wanted to make such a funny video with her in the future.

the other party was very cold and did not respond to her proposal.

she doesn't understand why the friend who used to talk about everything has become uncongenial.

every time I send a message to a friend, I get either indifference and perfunctory, or nothing as if I was lost in the sea.

in the comment area, a netizen left a message that was very heart-wrenching:

"that's because you are young, you have a similar growth environment, and there are always endless topics to talk about.

but when you grow up, everyone has a different experience, is polished into a different look by life, and goes to a different life. "

years are like a huge filter, filtering too many people and things from our lives.

some people break up as soon as they walk, while some relationships fade away when they get along.

A stranger in the coming year used to be the dearest friend in the old days;

the one who is alienated one day may be the so-and-so who wanted to stay together until the white head.

most of the people you meet in a sea of people are still in a sea of people

do you know?

there are 7.7 billion people, 204countries and 809islands on earth, and we will meet about 29.2 million people in our lifetime.

the probability of meeting two people is 4/100000, the probability of knowing each other is 4/10000000, and the probability of knowing each other is only 3/1000000000.

and research shows that only 150 people can stay with us in the end.Just people.

that is to say, in this life, we will probably meet 29.2 million people, but only less than 150 people will be able to make it to the end, while most of the others will be scattered in a sea of people.

it turns out that meeting each other is just an accident, and parting is the norm in the world.

Zhou Xun said that Li Yapeng satisfied all her fantasies about men, but in the end, the two held other people's hands.

Zhang Yimou and Zhang Weiping, a pair of golden partners for many years, jointly created Chinese box office myths such as "Hero", "ambush on all sides" and "Golden armour all over the city". Sixteen years later, they announced that they would no longer cooperate.

the more you grow up, the more you agree with the sentence Zheng Zhan wrote in "swallowing alive":

"breaking up is the norm in life, and we are no exception."

even if we have accompanied each other, warmed each other, and witnessed each other's growth, it is difficult to escape the fate of drifting away.

No matter how beautiful the original memories are, no matter how reluctant to part when parting, when the fate comes to an end, we can only accept it and cannot force it.

like the sentence written by MiyazakiHayao that once made countless people cry:

Life is a train to the grave, there will be many stops on the way, but it is difficult for anyone to accompany you from beginning to end.

when the person with you wants to get out of the car, be grateful even if you don't give up, and then wave goodbye.

I'm glad you came, and I'm not sorry you left

Life is like a feast that must come to an end. Life is parting everywhere.

the relationship between people actually has a time limit; the only constant in the world is the fickle nature of human beings.

most of the people we have met in the vast sea of people have to be returned to the sea of people.

maybe at the end of the story, you become someone else's scenery, but I still remember that you moistened my eyes and were still grateful for the years when you walked side by side.

I want to say to you: I'm glad I met you in a sea of people. I don't have to spend my whole life, but I want to take a trip.

, may every day in the rest of my life, you and I can cherish all the encounters, look down on all the parting, gather and disperse, go and stay at will.