When a person is no longer in touch, just deal with it.
When a person is no longer in touch, just deal with it.
Always remember that your kindness should be given to the right person.

Uncle Wu Ming


what will you do if someone stops contacting you?

Zhihu has an answer, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

find out the reason, understand the reality, do not need to be sentimental, do not disturb.

do not contact you, there are reasons not to contact you, no matter how many excuses given by the other party, in fact, there is only one item in essence, that is, not taking it seriously.

No contact, I want to quit your world

some people do not contact you, you contact him, but also ignore you, in fact, he has spent enough in your world.

there is always such a person in this world who is new to you when he meets him. He or she stays together for a long time and gets tired if he understands too thoroughly.

as a result, you have changed from an important person to a dispensable person.

there is a good saying:

"Don't let others see you too thoroughly. If you see through too much, there will be no freshness, which is the beginning of alienation."

some people, no longer contact you, want to withdraw from your world, then wave to him in the heart, say goodbye, there is no need to retain.

the end of fate is to be well with each other.

No contact, don't ask why

Don't ask why someone who doesn't care about you doesn't care.

because even if you ask, there are two kinds of answers: one is perfunctory, the other is a lie.

stay away from the person who doesn't contact you, because he doesn't have you in his heart, so he doesn't see you in his eyes, so even if Wechat sees your message, he can cross it as if nothing happened.

he no longer cares about your developments, and whether you are good or bad has nothing to do with him.

now that he has chosen to go his separate ways, the best choice for each other is not to disturb him, which is respect for him as well as for himself.

Don't get in touch and don't think about it foolishly

if you don't get in touch, don't worry about it, because if you miss someone, the more you miss, the colder you will feel.

especially this person, who doesn't take you seriously at all, if you think about it again and again, you will only make yourself more and more aggrieved.

in this life, we will meet a lot of people, some of whom will remain the same to you as always.

some people leave you behind because they see other scenery.

when your heart has changed, don't force it; if you leave, don't ask for it.

feelings are gone, forget it, don't always pester each other, because entanglement must be boredom, not favor.

in this world, where there is gathering, there is separation. We can get used to the company of others, and we should also learn to get used to the drifting away of others.

be the best you can be. When you get better and better, someone will come for you, get to know you and make friends with you.

always remember that your kindness should be given to the right person.

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