When people reach middle age, these people don't have to get in touch with each other. It's pointless.
When people reach middle age, these people don't have to get in touch with each other. It's pointless.
May you and I both have the courage to break up and live a comfortable life with a wanton smile.

I have heard a sentence:

"Don't invite too many people into your life. If they don't come into your heart, it will only make your life more crowded."

when I was young, I always wanted to make more friends, thinking that if I had more friends, it would be easy to walk.

but in middle age, after seeing the vicissitudes of the world and tasting the warmth of human feelings, I know that not all people are worthy of your heart.

in the middle of your life, time becomes more and more precious, and there is no need to contact those who mean nothing to you.

A wine-and-meat friend who doesn't go away


@ want Brother

shared a heart-wrenching experience, saying that he had lost almost half of his life savings in a year.

two years ago, he had some savings and had a lot of friends around him, and they all got together every other day to have a good drink.

he thought that instead of spending outside every day, it would be better to open his own hot pot restaurant, which would be convenient to get together later.

as soon as my friends heard this, they all responded one after another, all patting their breasts and promising, "as long as the store opens, they will certainly call all their friends to join us."


so he ventured to put all his savings into the hot pot restaurant.

I don't want the environment to be bad. The business of the hot pot restaurant has plummeted and there is something wrong with the capital chain.

he had to go to his friends for help, but the good brothers on the wine table did not say that money was tight, that is, it was inconvenient, and some even refused to answer his phone calls directly.

as the old saying goes, "there are many brothers with money and wine, but it is hard to see anyone in a hurry."

when people are in good times, they tend to be surrounded by people in front and back, and rarely lack friends.

but when I was in trouble, I found that there were very few people around me.

after half a lifetime, I have become more and more aware that friends are not expensive.

No matter how happy you are at the wine bureau, you may not be really heart-to-heart; no matter how well you say the scene, it may not be true feelings.

A true friend is: when you put the icing on the cake, he may not be there, but when you are in trouble, he will come, rain or shine.

those perfunctory friendships might as well fade away, while those relationships that do not go away, they might as well forget it.

morality kidnaps your relatives

there was a topic discussion on Douban: "what made you decide to stay away from relatives?"

one of the most popular answers is: "endless moral kidnapping."

indeed, when the affection of blood thicker than water becomes a tool of blackmail, the deepest friendship will be exhausted sooner or later.

A friend named Shen Ke has had such a bad experience.

Shen Ke's parents are in business. Because of the good conditions at home, some relatives in their hometown often come to them for help.

parents are also talkative people, and they will try their best to lend a helping hand if they can.

until once, a cousin took a fancy to his school district house and asked Shen Ke's mother to sell it to him cheaply.

Mother couldn't bear to refuse, so she discussed with her father that the house with a market value of 2 million would be disposed of to my cousin at a price of 1.5 million.

but instead of being grateful, my cousin accused Shen Ke's parents of being black-hearted, saying that they only bought the apartment for more than 600,000 yuan at that time, but now they want to double the price of their relatives.

have you ever heard such a voice in your life:

"they are all relatives, so it's okay to suffer a little loss. Why bother so much?"

"what's wrong with helping a relative?"

when you read the affection of your family, you thought it would be a help, but the other person never understood that it was not easy for you.

it seems that no matter how much you do, you take it for granted, taking it from you in the name of family affection.

consanguinity is valuable, but all the feelings in this world come and go so that they can last forever.

if you think of me, I will take you to heart;

if you embarrass me, why should I be bound by you?

students who never contact actively

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I read a survey on the Internet, saying that a classmate who never took the initiative to contact you suddenly contacted you. There are probably only three situations:

the first is to go to the three temples without doing anything and ask for something from you.

the second is to get married and have children and send you invitations.

third, send you a link to vote or bargain.

when you think about it, it seems to be true.

most of the sudden contacts are not for friendship, but for profit.

Adult relationships always have a shelf life.

when I was in school, the students who were inseparable every day went their separate ways after graduation.

how many people, washed away by the torrent of time, and then drifting away, no longer intersect?

perhaps occasionally regret and sadness, want to pick up the old friendship, but feelings, is the most unbearable thing.

then two people who have a tacit understanding, if they don't get in touch, they will gradually be far away.

then the deep feelings will fade away if they are not maintained.

in this world, no one will stand in the same place forever, even your shadow will be absent on a rainy day.

when people reach middle age, they each have their own lives and busyness. For those relationships that exist in name only, it is better to let them go with the wind.

you pass by me, I pass by you, and then, each settle down and go forward.

ex-lover after breakup

some people say: "A qualified ex should, like Cha Wu, disappear in their own lives without leaving a trace, not to contact each other, not to disturb each other."

the lover of the old days, like a remnant of fire, has parted ways, but it is difficult to return to the position of a stranger.

A Wechat or a phone call can easily ignite memories of the past and magnify those who are not reconciled to separation.

once you get caught up in it, it puts your family and marriage in jeopardy.

when people reach middle age, marriage will inevitably be dull, which will often give people the illusion that the old love of a breakup is better than a good partner.

but in fact, the end of marriage is mostly ordinary.

those trivial time, is the most sincere feelings; that accompany you through the marriage years of the partner, the most worthy of you to cherish.

I like the saying very much: "the people you meet in the sea of people will eventually be returned to the sea of people."

now that we have chosen to separate, there is no need to have too much entanglement.

No more contact and a clean end is the best respect for the incumbent; not to disturb each other and be well with each other is the greatest sincerity to marriage.

has always agreed with the saying: "there is no need to maintain a relationship that makes you uncomfortable."

when you reach middle age, you don't have to please anyone and subtract your life at the right time. If the circle is clean, your heart will be clean.

abandon hypocritical meat-and-wine friends and cherish sincere bosom friends;

stay away from moral kidnapping relatives and leave concern to true flesh and blood relatives;

reject the broken love of the old lover and leave the love to the bosom partner.

stop maintaining those deteriorated friendships and devote all your time and energy to loving yourself.

, may you and I both have the courage to break up, live a comfortable life and smile wantonly.