When you are old, what do you regret at the end of your life?
When you are old, what do you regret at the end of your life?
May we all not regret wasting our time, nor be ashamed of mediocrity.

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Life is very short, with a maximum of 30,000 days.

some people enter middle age in a daze; they will grow old in the blink of an eye.

most of the time, we think that the future will be long, but too many things may be gone forever, and too many opportunities will never be possible once we miss them.

whether there is such a report of the top five global statistics makes you ponder.

45% of people regret not being kind to their bodies

Zweig has a famous saying: "when one is young, one always thinks that disease and death will only patronize others."

when he was still young, he did not understand the value of health. Only after he lost it did he suddenly realize that it was a priceless treasure.

with the growth of age, the vitality is no longer, the heart is willing but powerless; the illness often comes to patronize, worry about running to the hospital, bringing too much trouble and worry to the family.

this is the remorse: "what is the use of wealth to yourself?" After earning half a lifetime of money, I can only use it to see a doctor; what is the use of time for myself? I spent more time in a hospital bed than in a big house. "

the bankruptcy of life is often defeated not by IQ, EQ and financial quotient, but by health.

it turns out that being kind to your body is the best investment for the rest of your life.

Health is always the "1" in front of countless "zeros". Reasonable diet, regular physical examination, combination of work and rest, adhere to exercise.

when your peers are gasping for breath when they climb the stairs, and you can always take your wife and go on a walk-and-go trip, you will sincerely sigh for the beauty of health.

57% of people regret not treating their partner well

Luo Zhenyu questioned marriage for a long time, until an old man changed his mind.

the old man said:

"when I woke up at three o'clock in the middle of the night, I was thirsty and my wound hurt. I just needed to stab the side, and the old woman knew that I needed water at this time."

just this sip of water, how much do you think it costs?

where am I going to ask for this expensive water if I don't have a marriage that has been run for decades?

as the saying goes, "A young couple is an old companion."

when you are getting old and your children have their own small families to take care of, it is impossible to be filial by your side all the time.

and always around us, there is often only one person left, and that is our partner, our lover.

in life, what kind of cause is planted, what kind of fruit will be produced.

what many people regret, but cannot be undone, is the person who hurt, ignored and betrayed in his youth, who is most in need, dependent, and companion in his old age.

if marriage is a cooperation, the smartest investment is to be kind to your partner. Your kindness to your partner will eventually return to yourself.

even when I am old, I can sleep until the sun rises at the thought of having a wife around me.

62% regret not educating their children properly

educator Foward said: "the harm caused by parents is not just the present." It runs through the years and sticks deep into the hearts of children like a needle. "

parents' education of their children, to some extent, determines his later life.

I have seen such a scene on the Internet:

A mother and son are eating in a restaurant. Her son likes to run around and have a look at the next table.

then, the child went to harass the next table eating crabs several times, and then directly reached out to catch the crabs. After being thrown away by others, he began to hit the person at the table, and was beaten back.

the mother scolded her son but was slapped in the face by her son!

there are netizens' hot comments: if you raise but don't teach, you will suffer a lot in the future.

indulge a rebellious son, a habitual son is like killing a son. You are reluctant to teach, and one day the world will teach you a hard lesson.

"the beloved son of parents is far-reaching."

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since you are a parent and give your child life, you should not raise them but not teach them.

instead of letting children be beaten in the head by society, it is better to teach children from an early age to be in awe of life, in awe of elders and in awe of rules.

A good education is the best wealth that parents give their children all their lives.

73% of people regret choosing the wrong career when they were young

writer Tao Jie once said: "when you are old, looking back on your life, the choice of everything is actually a great change of fate." I just stood at a fork in the road and thought it was an ordinary day in my life. "

Women are afraid of marrying the wrong man, while men are afraid of entering the wrong profession, that's all.

many people covet a stable job when they are young, feeling that although they are boring, they can at least live a carefree life, who knows that over time, even the basic ability to solve worries has disappeared.

in addition, to see that the initial efforts to wander, wandering peers, has already opened up a lot of their own, have a better career, so that the family can live a better life.

I remember hearing an old man say that in his whole life, he had both children and clothing and food and clothing, but he had not been happy all the time.

because I was too lazy and scared to do what I liked when I was young. Later, I was not reconciled to wasting my life in a job I hated.

whether in the past or in the future, the most important thing is to live up to yourself.

choose the right career, do the right thing, find the right direction, persevere, you will get something.

short timePerhaps do not see any gap, over time, everything has been turned upside down.

92% of people regret not working hard enough when they were young

comfort is never a good choice.

because one day, you will find that you have a lot on your shoulders, parents to take care of, a family to be responsible for, and it will take more sweat to repay the laziness that you have stolen.

things in fate have long been secretly priced.

there is a saying in the book "insight":

"many people can not become the general climate, not because of incompetence and lack of opportunities, but because they prematurely choose an easy life and stop running."

I am not afraid of starting all over again, but I am afraid of not working hard. Only those who go all out can create a happier life, protect their loved ones and keep what they cherish.

cherish every day, it is the youngest day in the rest of your life; live every moment well, it is the best opportunity to start in the rest of your life.

to do what you love and put your heart and soul into it, the mind will be truly stable and satisfied.

Yu Minhong has a saying: "in order not to leave regrets and regrets in life, we should try our best to seize every opportunity to change our lives."

the most terrible thing in life is to live with remorse.

if you are not satisfied with the status quo of your life, try to change it. Don't hesitate, don't wait. It's never too late to do what you want to do.

when we look back on the past, may we not regret our wasted years or be ashamed of mediocrity.

and that's enough.