When you look down on everything, you won't be tired to live.
When you look down on everything, you won't be tired to live.
The best way to live is to make yourself happy.

I have seen such a question on the Internet: "Why are people living more and more tired nowadays?"

there is a highly liked reply that reads:

"because nowadays people always care about what others think. They obviously follow their own path, but they use other people's rulers, and they try so hard to live like what others expect, but they finally trap themselves."

Live to others, constantly cater to other people's preferences, pull out the edges and corners of your own body, so that you are no longer yourself, and you will eventually lose your charm.

but the world is big, like the starry sky, which is not overshadowed by the existence of a star, nor is it overshadowed by the absence of a star.

the stupidest thing in the world is to live for others.

live in the eyes of others,

ruin it in the mouth of others

in the short journey of life, people will always unconsciously fall into the misunderstanding of life, thinking that the ability to live for others and live for others is worthy of time and life.

however, most of the time, people cannot see the truth of life clearly, but are blinded by the desire for others to see.

expect to live in other people's eyes, don't want to end up in other people's mouths.

in the documentary guarding Liberation West, there is such a lamentable boy:

he wants to be loved by his parents, but his father has a bad relationship with him, and his mother doesn't care much about him after divorce.

he likes Hanfu, but his parents think that the man in Hanfu is out of his mind and don't like the way he is dressed, and often criticize him.

in his world, his parents are always denying him, and he can't do anything right.

and what makes him even more sad is that the girl he pursues doesn't like him either.

he wondered why he could not be loved by others, and what should he do to become the excellent person in the hearts of others?

he struggled to live as a "high-quality youth" in the eyes of others, but he was tortured by other people's criticism.

finally chose to jump into the Xiangjiang River in the cold winter to end his young life.

live in other people's eyes, destroy in other people's mouths.

Let yourself lose your way, lose the ability to judge life, also lose the ability to control life, and end up with nothing.

you didn't come into this world to hear what other people think of you, let alone to see what they think you look like.

but watching the clouds rolling in the sky, watching the pre-court flowers blossom and falling, everything is expected.

when you are alive, you don't have to be perfect in the eyes of others, and you don't have to expect to be a sage in other people's mouths.

live for yourself, live your sense of mission, even if you just watch the flowers blossom in front of the court, it is not in vain.

the relationship between people is not that close

We had such a good expectation that we could build a good relationship with everyone around us.

can be intimate, but also can have no hard feelings, and often accompany each other in every journey of life.

We naively thought that when we did a little thing, we had a tacit understanding and a particularly close relationship with others.

can become the existence of relying on each other, taking care of each other and paying attention to each other for some time in the future.

however, the relationship between people is not as close as you think.

most of the time, the so-called "good relationship" is just a temporary illusion.

Bai Bing was initially teamed up with Lan Yingying when the first season of "Sister through the Wind" was broadcast.

they have a tacit understanding and get along very well with each other in dance practice and daily life.

in the second public performance, Lan Yingying became the captain. when she had the right to choose her teammates, Bai Bing did not choose any other team. She took it for granted that Lan Yingying would choose her.

however, until Lan Yingying's last quota was used up, Bai Bing did not become a member of her choice.

an embarrassed smile flashed across Bai Bing's face, and he also said bluntly in the interview:

"I thought we could have a good relationship, and she would choose me as a team member. To be honest, at that moment, I felt a little disappointed."

the intimate relationship between people is a very subtle "Tao". It is easy to get along, but difficult to get along with each other.

you need to know clearly that there are differences in closeness and closeness between individuals, and everyone has their own yardstick for controlling relationships.

instead of having an empty expectation and getting a burst of disappointment in the end, it is better to wake up and live out your own light.

after all, life is short, and what you will look like is not based on a relationship with others, but should be free to chase as you please.

because no matter when you really cure yourself, you are the only one who can cure you.

in the face of life, in the face of the closeness and closeness of any relationship, all we can do is not to complain, to deal with as much as possible, and not to be afraid of loneliness and try to precipitate.

the world is your own and has nothing to do with others

We looked forward to the recognition of the outside world, and we also looked forward to the gift of the world as a result of connection.

formal long sleeve dresses brings out your beauty, elegance of silhouette as well as the unique sense of style. We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

however, with the passage of time, we will eventually find that

the world is actually our ownIt has nothing to do with others.

everyone has the right to choose their own life, the yardstick of your life is not the yardstick of others, and the life you look forward to is not the life expected by others.

only by firmly adhering to the life you look forward to can you gain everything you look forward to.

I really like Larry, the hero of Maugham's freewheeling work Blade in his seventies.

he is a person who does not care about the opinions of others and only constructs his own world and walks out of his own world according to his expected way of life.

No matter whether this way of life is success or failure for others, he doesn't care.

Larry used to be a soldier. He performed well and won many awards.

after retiring, he rejected the suggestion of his guardian to go to college, as well as the employment of industry bosses.

take the annuity every day and live your own life in accordance with your own way of life.

fiancee Isabel wants him to go to a law firm or medical school, which he refuses with "I don't want to live like that";

asked him how he wanted to spend the rest of his life, and his answer was "hanging out".

not only the fiancee, but all the people who knew Larry were persuading him:

"Men should find a good job, live a decent life and benefit society."

however, Larry did not live up to the expectations of others according to the ideal life built by others, but lived for himself.

in order to find the meaning of life, he reads psychology, philosophy and literature 8 hours and 10 hours a day in the library.

in order to understand Homer, he taught himself Greek;

in order to find out if there is a God, he has read almost all the French literature.

after he was rich enough in spirit, he began to do manual work, working as a coal miner and machine repairman.

over the years, many people have changed, the poor become rich, the rich become poor.

the former playmate was hit by life and lost his faith in life; the former lover lost himself for the rich life.

but Larry is still the bold and ambitious Larry.

in fact, the most valuable self-discipline of people is not to live for anyone, but to live calmly in their own eyes without being happy with things or feeling sorry for themselves.

because it takes courage to live in your own eyes, know what you don't want, keep your hands warm with the fire of life, and never look back in a big gamble in your own name.

the world is our own, everyone is the little king of our own world, and only you can do it.

make yourself happy is the best way to live

the world is big, we are small, and living is a beautiful thing in itself.

now that we have come to this world, we have to feel, experience and experience.

to cross the robbery you deserve, you don't have to be in a hurry or shine.

along the way, even if there is a small happiness, even if it is only a moment of joy, their own happiness, is the best way to live.

you and I don't have to live the way others expect us to be. We don't have to live for others.

it is enough to comfort this life just by living for yourself, being yourself and being yourself.

, may every one of you live for himself.