When you reach middle age and look young, you are used to it.
When you reach middle age and look young, you are used to it.
Youth is not an age, but a state of mind.


Samuel, an American physicist, once said, "one cannot help getting old, but he can resist aging."

the best way to compete with time is to form good habits.

A good lifestyle contains the power to stay young.

exercise regularly

every step taken,

are escaping from aging

I have heard such a saying that there is no such thing as a Tianshan child or an old man in this world, but it is only decades of restraint and persistence.

recently, Liu Jianhong has taken the lead in setting off a fitness craze.

when he is nearly 50 years old, instead of being decadent and greasy in middle age, he looks like a young man in his twenties and thirties, strong and energetic.

Liu Yihong persisted in keeping fit for ten years.

on weekdays, he goes to the gym to meticulously complete group after group of training;

sometimes, he will also take part in marathons, Triathlon, man-car relay races to improve his physical fitness.

for people who keep exercising, age is just a number, and it is difficult for the wheel of time to leave a mark on them.

as Liu Jianhong said, "Don't care about my actual age, please pay attention to my physical age."

persisting in exercise not only gives Liu Jianhong a perfect figure, but also allows his wife Vivi to regain her brilliance.

Vivi used to be Miss Universe.

because when giving birth, uterine bleeding was forced to be removed, the impact of childbirth, physical pain and age growth, so that the beautiful she will inevitably become old and obese.

at this time, Liu Jianhong became his wife's private tutor, taking her for running, slimming and stretching to repair, and Vivi returned to her beautiful figure in a short time.

the Health Times reported that long-term relatively high-intensity aerobic exercise can increase maximum aerobic capacity by 25%, equivalent to minus the physiological age of 10 to 12 years old.

the reason why many middle-aged people look old is often due to lack of exercise and neglect of body management.

people who exercise regularly, the ecosystem in their bodies is like an endless spring, full of energy.

force yourself to get your body moving, and every step you take is to escape from aging, and every drop of sweat you shed is the twilight of your body.

keep reading

every book I read,

is the best way to nourish the soul

during the Spring and Autumn period, Min Ziqian admired Confucius' talent and worshipped Confucius as his teacher.

when he first arrived, Zi Qian's face was dry and sallow.

after a period of time, he became refreshed, and Confucius asked why.

Zi Qian replied, "because he was educated by his teacher, he often read books, knew a lot of truth, could tell right from wrong, and his face naturally became ruddy when he was calm."

Confucius stroked his palm and praised him after hearing this.

Zeng Guofan thought that reading can change his appearance and temperament. He said:

"if you have a deep taste of books, the noodles will be self-moisturizing."

having poems and books hidden in the heart is the top makeup for the soul.

Li Jian, a music poet, has a wall full of books. He reads and thinks quietly in a world made up of books. Therefore, his lyrics are elegant and poetic, and his temperament is as clear as a teenager.

Lin Qingxia will specially attend Jiang Xun's art class, sit down and discuss books with friends in cultural circles, chew books carefully in her spare time, write articles and write down poems, and constantly enrich her spiritual world.

when she reappeared on the screen, netizens sighed with emotion: we are all old, and she, who is in her sixties, is more radiant, dignified and beautiful.

in both of them, there is no greasy that has gone through the vicissitudes of life, only the indifference of hibiscus in clear water.

read too much, even if the skin is difficult to withstand the erosion of the years, the spiritual appearance nurtured by the aroma of books, no matter how mean time is, it is also difficult to destroy.

regular schedule

every good sleep,

is the best beauty for the body

many scientific studies have also shown that people who don't get enough sleep age three times faster than normal people.

the time you steal from the night, life will secretly take revenge on your health.

Liu Qiangdong has a bright gray hair on top of his head, which many people think is bleached and dyed, but it is actually caused by long-term insomnia.

once, in order to deal with JD.com 's crisis,

Liu Qiangdong disrupted his routine.

for several months, it is difficult to fall asleep by tossing and turning every night, often losing sleep directly until dawn;

when I want to take a nap at noon, I can't fall asleep even if I close my eyes.

obviously exhausted, but can not sleep, lasted for a long time, directly let Liu Qiangdong early Huafa.

Root Laixiu Xing also said in his book younger: simple habits, not Old body:

"the physiological clock, which is responsible for the rhythm of the body's work throughout the day, is an important system to ensure our healthy life. Don't reset it easily."

sleep well according to the biological clock and have a regular rest. This is the best beauty and nutrition.

keep heart width

have a good mindset,

is a good medicine for delaying time

writer Zhang Defen is almost 60, but she is well-proportioned and energetic, and when she shares ways to stay young, she talks about two points:

first, don't suppress and hide all kinds of negative emotions. Cry if you want, laugh if you want.

second, do not be in a state of fear, such people will not look young.

smile, less than ten years, sorrow, white head.

Road width is not as wide as heart width, and life is not as good as heart.

throw away the burden in your heart and be a person who loves to laugh calmly, so that you can live younger and younger.

Cai Lan wrote about his middle-aged experience in "it is better to live a wayward life".

in his forties and fifties, he was unemployed twice; although he had worked as a senior employee, he was forced to receive unemployment benefits; he wrote numerous application letters and was shut out many times.

for other people, as early as in the toil of life, fatigue gradually appears, under the pressure of life, the sideburns are white.

later, someone asked him what you would do if you encountered difficulties and troubles.

he replied, I will go to see "300 jokes" and "humorous Life". If I laugh three times a day in the mirror, I will feel very funny, and the troubles of the day will be gone.

now that Cai Lan is 80 years old, she is still beautiful and unrestrained.

there is a saying in the Collection of Yangzhen in the Qing Dynasty that since ancient times, there is no other way for immortals to live with joy but not sorrow.

A person really grows old, not because of a wrinkle or silver hair, but because of sorrow on the brow and bitterness on the heart.

Youth is not an age, but a state of mind. If you keep your optimism, the years will not grow old.

as soon as you reach middle age, you are facing an archenemy, because your gray hair grows gradually and the wrinkles become more and more obvious.

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but middle age does not mean that life is going downhill.

as Bacon said, habit is a tenacious and great force that can dominate life.

as long as we know how to cultivate good habits, even if we reach middle age, we can always be enthusiastic and young forever.

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