Whether or not you are in a person's heart depends on these two words.
Whether or not you are in a person's heart depends on these two words.
For the rest of my life, I hope each of us will learn two words: cherish.


there is a sentence in the Biography of Yang Jiang:

"No matter how suitable two people are, they will become strangers if they don't care, and then the deep feelings will fade if they don't take care of them."


A relationship, if you don't take the initiative, I won't take the initiative. Slowly, no one can remember to take the initiative again.

A relationship, if you do not contact, I do not contact, gradually, will only withdraw from each other's world.

actively contact you, because care about you, no longer contact you, has been regarded as superfluous.

whether you are in a person's heart or not lies in these two words: contact!

emotion, if you don't get in touch, there will be no

there is a saying in Lolita:

"there are three things people can't hide:

cough, poverty and love.

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really care about and like, will be connected.

I will miss who I really hold in my heart.

Real feelings are happy to be good to a person, and the impulse to connect will worry about them.

emotion, because of connection, can be maintained. Get in touch with each other, make each other comprehensive, become that indispensable person, and accompany him when he needs it in order to make people cherish more.

if you don't get in touch, you won't be there when I need it, I don't care when you need it, and the love will fade a little bit.

people's hearts are mutual, and your indifference is the indifference of others, and your smiling face is the joy of others.

Qian Zhongshu wrote in besieged Fortress:

"making an appointment will make it a good day for a few days before and after the meeting.


contact a person, there will be longing, after getting together, there will be reluctant to give up, this is the most sincere expression of a relationship.

No contact, in fact, it doesn't matter

do you have a time like this?

the two people who had been very close to each other drifted apart as they walked, and there were no high-profile disputes or heartbreaking quarrels.

you will recall after many years, is there any misunderstanding between you? Is there a dispute? Do you have any hatred?

in fact, there is none, even you used to talk about everything, but now you have nothing to say.

see such a sentence, take it for granted:

if snub is a code, I will choose to let nature take its course.

most of the time, we come like this, the other side snubs you, you don't want to be enthusiastic, so it can only be the end of drifting away.

therefore, do not snub a person, hot water cold cold will become cold, people cold cold will alienate.

Haruki Murakami said:

"the so-called life is nothing more than a process of constant loss, and precious things will slip out of your hands one after another, like a comb with its teeth cut.


it doesn't matter if you don't want to become in the end, then get in touch more.

the relationship can be well maintained because of the connection. I hope you can meet someone, set up the stage for each other, comfort each other, make progress together, and walk comfortably with each other.

for the rest of my life, I hope each of us will learn two words: cherish.