Whether the marriage is good or not, you can tell by your wife.
Whether the marriage is good or not, you can tell by your wife.
Behind a happy marriage, there is a man with a positive view of marriage.


before, someone solicited such a topic on Weibo:

"Why must you be nice to your wife?"

among them, there is a highly liked answer, which is moving:

she left the home where she had lived for more than 20 years, came to me unswervingly, and entrusted me with the rest of her life;

she went through the hardships of 10 months of pregnancy, endured the great pain of childbirth, and gave birth to a lovely child for me;

she accompanied me through the trough of life, also gave me the happiest life, and supported the whole family with me with no regrets.


seeing this confession, many girls said bluntly that they were moved.

he regards it as his duty to love you, love you and respect you, and is willing to give everything he has to you.

for him, to marry a girl is to decide to walk with her from the red carpet of marriage to dusk and never let go.

know how to love your wife,

Marriage will be happier

some people say:

"look at the happiness of a couple's life, regardless of whether their family has money, their children's grades are good, and their husband's career is successful. Just look at one thing, and that is the husband's attitude towards his wife. "

I think so.

A true portrayal of marital status is hidden in the husband's attitude towards his wife.

I ran into such a scene when I was eating in a restaurant.

while serving food to customers, the landlady of the store bumped into the customer who suddenly got up and was scalded by the hot soup in her hand.

when the husband saw it, he immediately ran over and was particularly distressed to flush his wife with cold water.

while rushing, he told his son:

"when these guests have finished eating, you will close the door. It will be closed today. I will take your mother to the hospital."

when the landlady heard him say this, she had to stop it. After all, if you close the door for one day, you will earn one day less money.

but the husband must insist on going to the hospital, saying that the money can be earned tomorrow, but the hospital must go right away.

hearing this, the landlady nodded, her face brimming with happy smiles.

think of a sentence Goethe once said:

"anyone who has a good husband can be seen on her face."

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married to a man who knows how to love himself, happiness and sweetness cannot be hidden in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows.

Auntie and uncle have been married for more than 20 years, and every time they appear hand in hand, they seem to have just come out of their youth of 17 or 8 years old.

my aunt still remembers that when she was pregnant, she had a strong reaction during the early pregnancy, and her stomach was covered with stretch marks.

in order to take care of her, my uncle, who had never cooked before, learned all kinds of cooking. And half kneeling every day, carefully lubricating her belly.

she said that from then on, she was sure that she had married the right person.

what is even more commendable is that after so many years, my uncle still loves her and is willing to be kind to her.

in the final analysis, to get married is to find someone who knows how to love you and regard your little things as big things.

when you are not feeling well, he will be willing to take care of you and put you first;

when you are unhappy, he will find a way to make you forget your troubles;

when you are down and frustrated, he must be your strongest shoulder and backing.

A bad marriage turns a man into a madman, but a good marriage can turn a man into a child.

only when a man knows how to love his wife can the marriage become happier.

know how to respect his wife

is a man's top charm

in the movie Ip Man 3, there is an impressive line:

"there is no man who is henpecked, only a man who respects his wife."

in fact, what many girls want in life is not much material commitment, but someone who can love and respect her from the bottom of her heart.

when the variety show Hello Life was a hit, many people were attracted by Kanghui.

in one program, Kanghui lost a game. According to the rules, he had to call his wife in public to express his love.

after the phone was connected, Kanghui's face also showed a happy smile when he heard his wife's voice.

several guests who presided over the delegation were moved by the gentleness of his phone call.

however, the most touching detail is that after hanging up the phone, Kanghui said, "I have to respect my wife's opinion whether the call will be broadcast or not."

A guest teased him that his wife's opinion was not important.

after 22 years of marriage, Kanghui and his wife are still in love.

in his view, the premise of love is respect. Only by knowing respect can we get along and understand each other better.

as director Ang Lee said in an interview.

the so-called husband and wife is not licensed, living together is husband and wife, but husbandYou can always do it and respect your wife from the bottom of your heart.

you don't get tired because you're ripe, and you don't feel indifferent because you're close.

only when we can do this, can we really show a man's top charm.

be good to your wife,

is the most advanced education for children

there is a saying:

Love is actually like a reincarnation.

parents' mode of getting along with each other and even their marital status will be deeply imprinted on their children's lives.

my friend Xinxin went to her parents-in-law's house several times before she married her husband.

every time I go, I can always see my father-in-law revolving around my mother-in-law. When my mother-in-law is busy in the kitchen, the public association will naturally follow and help.

after dinner, my father-in-law will take the initiative to clean up the table, wash the dishes and clean up the garbage, and will be happy to do the housework.

although these are trivial things, they are real and warm moments in marriage.

Xinxin envied her parents-in-law when she saw this way of getting along with each other. She said that it was the sight that strengthened her determination to marry her husband.

Dad's attitude towards his mother will also be brought by his children to his marriage and even his life, and then become a footnote in his life.

in the variety show "Chinese Restaurant", Wang Junkai had countless fans for washing dishes.

after lunch, many bowls were piled up in the kitchen trough in the back of the restaurant.

Yang Zi, who was arranged to wash the dishes, was hesitating where to start when she saw it.

but Wang Junkai began to wash dishes instead of Yang Zi without complaining for nearly three hours.

later in the interview, he only said: "it has always been like this in his family. Since childhood, my father has often done housework with his mother, and his father's first-hand food is better than his mother's."

under the influence of his father, he always helps his parents with the housework.

psychologist Wu Zhihong once said, "Father, mother and child are emotional triangles."

if parents love each other and the family is harmonious, then the child will inherit the very healthy mode of love, and when he grows up, he will project this pattern of love into his own love and family.

Father loves his mother, which is the highest education that parents give to their children.

the true meaning of happiness,

is to raise a rich wife

many men will feel that their wives "change" after they get married.

in fact, it is not that they have changed, but when they are faced with a lot of trivia at home, they just hope that they are not alone.

is like the sentence that the heroine can blurt out in "No questions":

"you are the one who backed me up. As long as you are here, I am not afraid of anything."

in life, if many husbands can pay a little attention, they will also find that their wives pay for their families.

it is she who makes fireworks in the kitchen, smiles in the living room and hugs in the bedroom. She also gives you delicious vegetables and meals, a warm harbor, and becomes your solid backing.

because you are rich in raising your wife, but your wife warms up the whole family.

the true love for a wife never lies in how much material money he has to earn.

but in the long years, every day can as always love her, respect her, and children to love her.

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