Xi'an 23-year-old woman's heart stopped for 3 days, the truth behind the exposure: stay up late addictive, really fatal!
Xi'an 23-year-old woman's heart stopped for 3 days, the truth behind the exposure: stay up late addictive, really fatal!
Healthy body is our greatest wealth.

browsing Zhihu the other day, I saw a joke about staying up late:

"it's 1:30. If you play for half an hour, you can sleep for another seven hours."

it's 2:25. It's already late anyway. Let's just play until 3:00. I can sleep for another six hours.

it's 3:36. I must go to bed at 4:00! I can sleep for another five hours, which is barely enough.

it's 4:49 now, so we might as well go to bed at 5:00! Four hours is a sleep cycle.

now it has been. It's dawn. "

A few simple words are a true portrayal of countless people's night life.

recently, Ms. Wu in Wuhan has been a hot search for staying up late to pursue dramas.

she works on a computer in the company during the day, and when she gets home from work, she watches the show until 3 o'clock in the morning.

Ms. Wu was so frightened that she found out after the examination in the hospital that this was caused by excessive use of her eyes.

but Ms. Wu's experience is still a wake-up call for countless people.

have you ever had such an experience in your life:

when we go to work during the day, we are busy from morning till night, and our spirits are always in a state of tension.

when I am completely idle in the middle of the night, the first thing I think of is not to rest, but to "relax".

therefore, we use our "stolen" time to browse Weibo, watch dramas and browse moments. Once we start, we can't stop.

and "I must go to bed early tonight" has become the biggest lie of the current generation, far ahead of the second place "I will lose weight tomorrow".

many people know that staying up late hurts their health, but they still rely on their youth and indulge themselves unscrupulously.

but they overlook that everything has a price.

as one doctor said, "staying up late is a trigger point at some point."

it may be okay to stay up late once or twice, but every time you stay up late, you get a little closer to this tipping point.

No one knows which comes first, tomorrow or accident. when the disease breaks out suddenly, can we really bear it?

in recent years, "ICU" has become a high-frequency word on the Internet.

many people may feel that this word is too far away from their lives.

but for some people, there is only a cold distance between the bedroom and ICU's hospital bed.

Last month, a 21-year-old girl in Xi'an was admitted to ICU after catching a cold for a month.


in fact, she already has a history of chronic kidney disease, and before she has recovered from a cold, she begins to stay up late, which eventually leads to fulminant myocarditis.

in July 2020, also in Xi'an, a medical miracle of "coming back from the dead" was staged.

A 23-year-old girl miraculously survived three days after her heart stopped.

you know, myocarditis is the most critical disease, and if a woman arrives half an hour later, her life may not be saved.

even the attending doctor sighs:

"this is the first case of this explosive myocarditis that has survived in our case."

but the miracle in the eyes of outsiders, for a girl, is a terrifying experience that is infinitely close to death.

the girl is an office worker, from nine to five, the work itself is not tired.

but when she comes home from work every day, she habitually starts playing with her mobile phone until one or two o'clock in the morning.

stay up late for a long time, make the girl's body more and more weak, finally after a cold, sudden myocarditis, almost failed to survive.

you see, staying up late will lead to sudden death. It's really not a joke.

it may be okay to stay up late once or twice when you are in good health, but once your resistance drops, staying up late will be the last straw to crush you.

but there are still many people who fell in front of death before they could be rescued.

in August 2009, Liang Wei, host of Zhejiang Satellite TV, died of a heart attack on a business trip.

she used to be the leader of the post-80s broadcast host team and worked extremely hard.

I go out at more than 4 o'clock every morning, and I often turn between morning and evening shifts. When I am busiest, I have broadcast fifteen or sixteen morning shifts in a row.

staying up late for a long time has not only made her career climb, but also made her body overwhelmed.

in February 2019, Dong Bing, a 27-year-old mother of her second child in Zhejiang, died suddenly playing with her cell phone all night.

when he was found by his family, Dong Bing lay on his side in the quilt, his eyes still staring at his mobile phone.

she has to take care of her children hard every day and has no free time at all.

wait until the child falls asleep at night before he has time to play with his mobile phone, often until two or three o'clock in the morning.

it was such a small act that cost her life and destroyed her originally happy family.

and in October 2019, a female cartoonist in Shanghai under the pseudonym "just looking back" died unexpectedly in a rented house.

her peers revealed that her schedule is very irregular, and it is even more common for her to stay up late in order to rush the draft.

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before the accident, my colleague asked her to hand over the job and waited all day without replying to the message.

it was not until a colleague went to her house to find someone that there was something wrong with her.

who knows, she just died at the age of 26.

the loss of young lives is distressing and even more alarming.

how many people are living the days when they don't sleep at night and don't want to wake up in the morning?

how many people continue to stay up late to practice immortals with a fluke mentality while watching the news of sudden death?

many people once thought that the elderly were the people closest to life and death.

who would have thought that if we stay up late as we are used to, we can easily push the fresh and young body into the abyss of death.

writer Feng Tang once said:

"the body is given to you for nothing, but it is not for you to waste it."

Yes, youth is never the capital of indulgence.

every energy you overdraw and every sleep debt you owe will eventually be fed back to your health.

"many people seem to be in good health. Why do they die suddenly?"

in a popular science video, the blogger replied:

"in fact, sudden death is not a little blockage of blood vessels, but a sudden volcanic eruption of your blood vessels, blocking your blood vessels quickly and thoroughly, which is only about an hour.

so many young people can't wait to be sent to the hospital, so they are gone, and it's only an instant from birth to death. "

the China Sleep Medicine Association has shown that 90% of sudden death, cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction in young people are related to staying up late.

search the Internet casually, and you will find that every piece of news that died suddenly because of staying up late is shocking.

some people may think that if you don't sleep at night, it's the same with making up during the day.

but this is not the case.

staying up late is called "sleep deprivation" in academic research, and its damage to nerves, endocrine and blood vessels is irreversible.

replenishing sleep during the day not only can not alleviate these losses, but will aggravate the vicious circle.

in fact, a good sleep is the best treatment for the body.

Haruki Murakami said:

"the body is everyone's temple, and no matter what is offered in it, it should be kept strong, beautiful, and clean."

so don't stay up late.

you think staying up late lengthens the time, but in fact, staying up late shortens your life, just like running a red light. It seems to be one step ahead of others, but if something goes wrong, it will take a lifetime.

you think that staying up late is to make money, but in fact, the world is not about staying up late, it is about efficiency. The money you have earned through hard work for more than ten years may be spent in an ICU.

you think it's not me who is unlucky. In fact, everyone is equal in front of life. If you don't take care of your body, it will naturally bite back on your head.

Don't wait for the red light to regret your previous indulgence.

those who have no time to rest may have to make time for illness.

to understand: healthy body is our greatest wealth.

, may all people take good care of their bodies and welcome every sunrise safely for the rest of their lives.