Your emotions have exposed your values.
Your emotions have exposed your values.
Don't let a bad mood stand in your way for the rest of your life.


American neuroscientist Joseph Ledu found through research:

people's anxiety, fear, impatience and other emotions are connected with the cognitive system in the brain, and cognition determines a person's three values.

that is to say, emotion will eventually affect and expose a person's values.

World Outlook

the more you have seen the world, the more quietly you have seen.

someone on the Internet asked: "what does it mean to have seen the world?"

I agree with one answer:

"ability and humility, wealth and economy, status and weakness.


people, the more they experience, the more mild-tempered and calm they are.

John Warnanke, the father of department stores, once found the salesperson laughing and playing in the corner when he was inspecting his department store and didn't even notice the patrons.

the guest waited at the counter for a long time, but no one went to receive him. Warner Meek went over silently, packed the goods for the customer, and apologized.

, Warnanke returned to the office calmly without losing his temper or saying a word of reproach to the clerk.

the shop assistants on duty were so ashamed that they took the initiative to make a review.

since then, they have worked hard and have never been left out, and two of the salespeople have become business directors because of their outstanding performance.

writer Deng Tuo said: "A gentleman can bear what others cannot bear, tolerate what others cannot tolerate, and deal with what others cannot do."

people with small patterns cling to other people's mistakes and press them step by step, so that they will not forgive others.

A broad-minded person can tolerate others' mistakes, do not criticize others, and leave dignity to others.

the writer Ma Weidu hired a babysitter at home. She was hardworking and quick, but for a long time, Ma Weidu found that the babysitter had a disadvantage and especially liked to steal some small things.

if you were an ordinary person, you would be furious and then fire the babysitter, but Ma Weidu didn't, but tried to understand whether she had any difficulties.

later, Ma Weidu took the initiative to talk to the babysitter and said:

"if you need anything, you can tell me directly, and I will help you as much as I can."

people who have really seen the world are generally at peace of mind, and they know that everyone has difficulties.

the people you have met, the roads you have traveled, and the scenery you have seen will enlarge your pattern.

if you have more knowledge and a larger pattern, you will naturally be calm.

Outlook on life

people with higher self-cultivation are more emotionally stable

some people say that people's emotions come half from heredity and half from upbringing.

your mood hides your demeanor and self-cultivation.

Jiang Xun once told a story about Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo in his book.

back in 1500, Leonardo da Vinci, 48, finished the Last Supper, and Michelangelo, 26, completed mourning for Christ. The two became the most discussed painter for a time.

Leonardo da Vinci's paintings are elegant and quiet, while Michelangelo's masculine style is very different, but it still can't stop people from discussing whether the artistic level of the two is higher or lower.

the young Michelangelo doesn't like Leonardo da Vinci and often taunts Leonardo da Vinci in various public occasions.

Leonardo da Vinci was neither angry nor fought back.

in 1503, the two officially acted as "opponents" for the first time, painting murals for the Hall of five hundred people in Florence.

in the sketch presentation, the young Michelangelo won.

Michelangelo took the opportunity to ridicule and humiliate Leonardo da Vinci in public. Da Vinci was still not annoyed, but generously praised Michelangelo's artistic level, and then gracefully turned away.

A person can still maintain a stable mood in the face of external attacks and taunts from others, not only by strong restraint, but also by high self-cultivation.

Lincoln replied generously:

"Thank you for reminding me of my late father. I will focus on my best job like my father mending shoes."

emotion is like a ferocious beast. If it is allowed to indulge, it will hurt not only others but also itself.

one's upbringing is that one can control one's emotions in any environment and in the face of anyone.


people with clear goals have less emotion

have read such a story.

there is a man who wants to go to the city to do business. on the way, he is attracted by the butterfly. He goes wherever the butterfly flies, leaving the matter of entering the city behind.

after the butterfly flew away, he was bitten by a snake while passing through the deep grass. angrily, he went to look for a stick to hit the snake, but by the time he found the stick, the snake had disappeared.

after walking for a while, he came across a piece of thorns, so he rushed home to get a knife and tried to cut all the thorns.

just tossing about like this, he is still circling around.

I have read the saying that before you become the person you want to be, you must remember that emotions must succumb to your goals.

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people who are really good are not emotionless, but know that goals are more important than emotions.

as we all know, the success of Edison is inseparable from the investor Morgan, who can be said to have achieved Edison.

in fact, Morgan has a quick temper and a bad temper.But he was much milder in the face of Edison.

after Edison devised a plan to use a steam engine to drive a generator, the Morgan family took the lead in trying to turn on electricity.

one night, Morgan's mansion was burned down because of a fire on the line.

at that time, Morgan called Johnson, the then director of Edison. When Johnson saw Morgan, he was very nervous and worried about being asked questions.

as a result, instead of being aggressive, Morgan waited for a minute, and then told Johnson to change the plan and start over.

later, Morgan revealed that he was really angry when he saw Johnson, and in order to control his emotions, he was silent for a minute and let his anger go away.

after his mansion was burned down, he continued to invest in Edison's company because he knew that the development of power technology must have a revolutionary impact on mankind as a whole.

such new products and new things cannot be perfect in the first place, and trial and error is inevitable.

I like a sentence very much: "capable people do not care about emotions, but only do things seriously; incompetent people do not take things seriously, but only care about emotions."

if a person has no goal, he will have a lot of bad moods.

giving up emotions and focusing on goals is the greatest self-discipline of adults.

American writer John Steinbeck once said that a lost soul can kill you quickly, much faster than bacteria.

indulging emotions is tantamount to consuming life.

emotionally stable, it is a good fengshui for a person.

once a famous pianist toured a big city. When he took the stage, he found that only 1/3 of the audience were seated. He was very disappointed.

but he soon calmed down and joked to the audience:

"I guess this city must be very rich, otherwise how come everyone here bought two seats?"

upon hearing this, the audience laughed and took a liking to the pianist.

the performance was a great success, spread ten or ten hundred times, and the pianist's performance has been full ever since.

people who can control their emotions will go farther and farther in life while winning the respect of others.

, for the rest of your life, don't let a bad mood stand in your way.