Your life will be whatever you are!
Your life will be whatever you are!
May you and I both build a big pattern and live a small life.


what is the pattern?

I think the so-called pattern is a measure at a shallow level and a state of mind at a deeper level.

as the saying goes:

"when you look down from the 80th floor, it's all beautiful, but when you look down from the second floor, it's full of rubbish."

people with large patterns tend to have peace of mind. The better the state of mind, the better the luck, the better the life.

your destiny is hidden in your pattern.

people with patterns do not care about others

likes Mark Twain's sentence very much:

"Violet leaves its aroma on its ankle, which is forgiveness."

people with large patterns never argue with others.

they know very well that silence is the best counterattack in the face of people at different levels.

instead of bothering to win or lose, it is better to settle down and run your own world, leaving the other party helpless.

recently, Wei Dongyi, the "learning god" of Peking University, has once again entered the public's field of vision.

because of unwarranted revelations, Wei Dongyi was involved in a whirlpool of public opinion.

many people admire Wei Dongyi's talent for mathematics, but some people still speak ill of each other.

they say:

"although I envy very much, I prefer children with high EQ."

"all teachers at Peking University are like this, so my child would rather not go."

"No wife and children, nothing."

in fact, this is not the first time Wei Dongyi has faced the curse.

Last May, photos of Wei Dongyi holding mineral water in her arm and steamed bread in her hand went viral on the Internet.

at that time, he was criticized for being sloppy, ugly, not paying attention to his image, and so on.

Wei Dongyi could see the abuse, but he never took it to heart.

he has mathematical formulas in mind and academic research in his mind.

now, a year later, Wei Dongyi still sticks to herself and is obsessed with the world of mathematics.

he forced him to be strong, and the breeze blew the hills.

I think this is Wei Dongyi's best counterattack against the curse.

Zhou Guoping said: "Life should have uncompetitive wisdom."

I strongly agree.

people with high patterns know that they only compete with the same people, but not with fools.

it is no good to argue with others except to waste your own time and life.

people with patterns are not swayed by emotions

there is a sentence in the Ballad of Relief:

"when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the western mountains, one day is sad and the other is happy. If something happens, people will feel comfortable and their hearts will be at ease."

they believe that a bad mood is like a chronic poison that slowly wears away the enthusiasm of life.

Yes, we have only been alive for more than 30,000 days. We may not be able to choose our own situation, but our mood is up to us.

Don't let bad emotions ruin your life.

I believe many people have heard of the Internet celebrity "Grandma foodie".

Grandma Yu is a hundred years old, but she is not an ordinary old lady.

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self-release, Buddhist health preservation is a metaphor for Grandma's daily life.

she likes food best, no spicy food, hot pot and string are all her favorites.

she loves to try all the things of young people, hamburgers, milk tea, even white wine.

Grandma Yu has only one secret to longevity, and that is a good state of mind.

when she encountered something unpleasant, Grandma threw out a "you know a shovel" and left her troubles behind.

the granddaughter also said, "Grandma never gets angry overnight. She is like a child, simple and pure."

eating well and being light is Grandma Yu's simple philosophy of life.

the simplest truth is often the most profound.

people who really have a big pattern are not emotionless, but have already given up bad moods.

it is better to stay away from the people and things that consume our emotions.

has always believed in a saying:

"the world is like a mirror: frown at it, it frowns at you; smile at it, it looks at you with a smile."

if you have a good mindset and face life with a smile, life will smile in return sooner or later.

people with patterns are not entangled with the past

it was written in "Fan Si Xun":

"there were all kinds of things in the past, such as death yesterday, and things after that, such as life today."

Yes, yesterday will eventually pass, today has already begun, tomorrow can still be looked forward to.

everyone comes from the past and leaves the mark of that time.

but people with a large pattern have long forgotten the past and focused on the present.

they understand that the sun of yesterday does not dry today's clothes, and the wind and rain of yesterday cannot wet today's clothes.

No matter how painful the past is, it is unforgettable, let it go.

when you put it down, you will be at ease.

I especially admire Xiaoxiao, a friend around me.

Xiaoxiao and her husband were lovers when they were students. They got married after graduating from college and were model couples among their classmates.

I thought life would go on smoothly and happily.

but the husband's affair broke it all.

Xiaoxiao did not cry and make a fuss, let alone expect the other person to change his mind.

she knew that the broken vase could not be repaired as before, and neither could their relationship.

Xiaoxiao quickly went through the divorce formalities with her husband, no matter how much her husband begged, she did not hesitate.

6 years neatly come to an end, without the slightest entanglement.

I once asked Xiaoxiao, "are you content to end like this?" Why not give each other another chance? "

I still remember Xiaoxiao's answer clearly:

"the beauty of the past soothes the pain of today, and the pain of today should not ruin the rest of life."

it is true that we are always stuck in the past and will never have a good time today.

Master Hongyi wrote a poem: "the past is the past, and there is no need to think about the future."

our lives should be the same, don't worry about the past, don't worry about the Ming Dynasty, just live today.

the movie "the Grandmaster" says:

"people who practice martial arts have three stages: to see themselves, to see heaven and earth, and to see sentient beings."

in fact, the same is true of life, first to know yourself, and then to know the world and sentient beings.

the larger the pattern, the higher the realm, the more it can be detached from mortals and not be burdened by the secular world.

it is often said that pattern determines fate.

if the pattern is bigger, life will go smoothly, and fate will naturally favor you.

, may you and I both build a big pattern and live a small life.