Your self-cultivation is written on your face.
Your self-cultivation is written on your face.
Be a strong man in life and don't let a bad face become the background of your life.


A private school teacher took his students on a trip and went to the fruit stall to buy fruit.

it may be that the old man has been choosing fruit for a long time, and the peddler said impatiently, "Don't pick around like this whether you buy it or not."

the old man smiled and replied, "I want to buy, I want to buy."

the peddler asked impolitely, "it's very expensive. Can you afford it?"

the old man still smiled and replied, "I can afford it, I can afford it."

on the way back from buying fruit, the student asked, "Why are the vendors so bullied and my husband is not angry?"

the old man said, "it is my standard to be polite and pleasant to others. Rudeness and insolence is the standard of that peddler, and I can't let him lower mine. "

A person's self-cultivation is written on his face, and the highest self-cultivation is to treat people with a pleasant face.

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in life, many people usually look kind to people who are nobler than themselves.

meet people who are lower than their own status, and show a ferocious face.

A really cultured person never looks at people's dishes and treats everyone as gentle as jade.

Yan E came to Shanghai and was introduced to work as a babysitter.

at first, Yan'e was very careful in her speech and manner, because her wife was a scholar and educated, and she could not read a few big characters, so she was afraid that her wife would dislike her.

after getting along for a period of time, Yan E found that her wife was warm and humble and had a good temper to everyone.

once, the gardener's child stole the American fried chicken that his wife left in the kitchen.

wife did not blame, but smiled at the gardener's child and said, "you are very smart. You have taken away so many chicken nuggets."

and then gently teach the child what to do is right.

upbringing, like charm, emanates from the inside out.

French philosopher Pascal once said:

"Don't measure a person's virtue by special actions, but by daily life behavior."

it is not difficult to be respectful to people whose status is higher than themselves, but to treat people who are weaker than themselves with 100% respect is the only way to go deep into the bone marrow.

the Book of Rites says: "A gentleman does not lose his face to others and does not lose his tongue."

among them, "do not fade to others" means that happiness and anger are restrained in the heart and are not often exposed to the face.

it is the magnanimity of a person that he does not lose sight of others.

once, Cai Lan was chatting with someone, and the other person said that being a man is actually very simple, as long as you learn to look at people's faces.

Cai Lan retorted that no, to be a man is to try not to look at other people's faces, and there is no need to look at others' faces.

later, Cai Lan told a story about how he and his friend Ni Kuang went to a bookstore and met a female student who asked for an autograph.

after Ni Kuang signed her name, the schoolgirl turned the book several pages in a row and asked Ni Kuang to continue to sign, and signed several in a row.

on one side, Cai Lan asked the female student, "did you get the autograph for your classmate?"

the girl said sheepishly, "No, the other students have Andy Lau's signature. I asked her for it, and she insisted that I take five teacher Ni's signatures and exchange them with her."

Cai Lan was shocked and thought Ni Kuang was going to be angry, but Ni Kuang said with a smile:

"Yes, Andy Lau is much more famous than I am. If you change five to one, you will make a lot of money."

come on, I'll give you a few more signatures, and you can exchange them for the signatures of the people you like. "

then, Ni Kuang really signed more than a dozen names for the girl in one breath, and the girl student left happily with her autograph.

after the schoolgirl left, Cai Lan said to Ni Kuang, "I was surprised that you didn't get mad."

Ni Kuang's words deeply admired Cai Lan and regarded him as his best friend for life ever since.

the Book of Rites says: "those who are gentle must have a pleasant color, and those who have a pleasant color must have Wanrong."

there are thousands of scenery in the world, the most beautiful is a smiling face, and the ugliest thing is to give people a smelly face.

Kazuko Watanabe said: "the appearance of the face is the responsibility of the parents, and the expression on the face is my responsibility."

I hate to look at people's faces, so please don't give them a look easily.

Hu Shi has two sister-in-law. They often lose their temper at Hu Shi's mother, pulling their faces down and making their mother ugly.

when every sister-in-law is angry, she will go in and out for ten days and a half, with a straight face and biting her mouth.

Hu Shi's mother could only put up with it. When she couldn't stand it, she locked herself in her room and hid herself and cried.

later Hu Shi wrote in his article "my Mother":

"the dirtiest thing in the world is to show an angry face to others, which is worse than beating and scolding."

Hu Shi, who has been used to seeing other people's faces since he was a child, knows very well what it feels like. When he grows up, he never puts on a face.

when someone comes to see him late at night, he will open the door politely and never throw face at them.

A cultured person always has other people in mind and knows how to take care of other people's feelings.

the Bible says, "you should do what you want others to do to you."Someone else. "

when you learn to greet others with a smile, you will naturally reap the bright smile of others.

Rao Xueman once said something that I like very much:

"people who can't control their temper are easily hurt by the eyes of others, and those who can't hide their eyes are easily hit by the temper of others.

the process of learning to lose your temper and not to put on a bad face is actually a process of developing skills. "

most of the strong are as calm as water, and only the weak will hurt people with their faces.

, be the strong man in life, don't let the bad face become the background of your life.