"you've been snoozed by my son, and you want a bride price?" The girl was insulted by her mother-in-law before marriage, and she responded with a word that was too relieved!
"you've been snoozed by my son, and you want a bride price?" The girl was insulted by her mother-in-law before marriage, and she responded with a word that was too relieved!
On the subject of love, one can not only afford to love but also afford to lose.

recently, I saw a story about cohabitation before marriage in moments, and I was almost angry and had a cerebral hemorrhage.

the girl Xiao Liu moved in together with her boyfriend after graduation.

during the two years of cohabitation, the two occasionally quarreled, but the overall relationship was harmonious and sweet.

so Xiao Liu proposed to get married.

however, as soon as his boyfriend hears about marriage and betrothal gifts, he stumbles, sometimes even a bad cop.

despite her boyfriend's reluctance, Xiao Liu arranged for the parents to meet at Xiao Liu's repeated request.

unexpectedly, this meeting made Xiao Liu's heart fall into an ice valley.

Xiao Liu's parents proposed a betrothal gift of 60,000 yuan.

and made it clear that on the basis of these 60,000 yuan, they will paste tens of thousands of yuan as a dowry to bring back to their daughter.

however, the boyfriend's mother said hou (yan) and wu (chi):

"We won't pay a penny. How dare you, a man who has slept with my son for several years, ask our family for betrothal gifts?"

this sentence is translated--

"you've been snoozed by my son, and you still want a bride price?"

listen, are these human words?

I feel angry when I read this sentence across the screen, not to mention Xiao Liu and her parents who I heard face to face!

when Xiao Liu saw her silent boyfriend, his heart was completely cold.

in this way, a blessed daughter will not enter such a blessed home.

after Xiao Liu calmed down, he replied, "I don't want to marry a family like you!"

then Xiao Liu left resolutely with his parents.

should I live together before marriage?

premarital cohabitation is common in today's society.

according to the survey of premarital cohabitation data:

76.11% of men and 42.86% of women were in favor of cohabitation before marriage.

from the data, it is not difficult to see that women are more cautious about cohabitation before marriage.

is simple: the trial and error cost of cohabitation before marriage is much higher for women than for men.

Xiao Liu chose to live with her boyfriend before marriage after graduation.

as a result, when talking about marriage, he was humiliated by his prejudiced mother-in-law.

such cases are not uncommon in reality.

also choose to live together before marriage, men seldom receive guidance and criticism, while women are often affixed by secular prejudice-

labels such as "disorderly", "falling price", "not self-love" and so on.

in addition, women have to bear the risk of physical and mental injury caused by unintended pregnancy.

and once you break up after cohabitation before marriage, you will be bothered by the other person in the next relationship.

this is why many women are more cautious.

however, although most women are cautious, many women are still worried that they will be broken up if they do not agree to live together before marriage.

as a result, I made a choice against my will.

in the movie perfect Stranger, daughter Sophia feels uneasy when she is invited by her boyfriend to spend the night.

so she asked her father for advice.

when her father knew about it, he said to her:

"Don't go because he is unhappy, that's not the only reason."

this is a very important moment in your life. If you think about it later, you will smile at the corners of your mouth, then do it.

but if you don't think so, or are not sure, forget about it.

because you have plenty of time. "

after listening to her father, Sophia chose not to go.


in a relationship, cohabitation before marriage as a bargaining chip to retain a person is bound to be disappointed.

moreover, a relationship that can really stand the test will not break up because one partner refuses to live together before marriage.

if so, it only means that two people are not suitable in the first place.

it is said in the three policies of the warring States period: "birds of a feather flock together."

if the view of marriage and emotion is different, then why humbly go to strengthen it?

in fact, "cohabitation before marriage" does not matter whether it should or not, only whether it is willing or not, whether it is worth it or not.

it would be irresponsible to ignore the reality and brag about the benefits of cohabitation before marriage, and then think that cohabitation should be done before marriage.

1, be able to know each other more truly, and run in with each other in trivial and ordinary diesel oil and salt;

2, direct confrontation between values and living habits to evaluate the suitability of both sides;

3. Be able to know yourself more deeply and improve your personality through each other.

4. You can enter a new role more quickly after marriage.

in the current society, the cost of marriage is high, but the cost of divorce is higher.

in premarital cohabitation, he found that the other party's "true face" was out of place with him, so he chose to leave.

in a sense, this is a kind of trial and error success.

it helps us avoid a period of inappropriate and unhealthy.It's a marriage.

only when we look at the two-sided nature of premarital cohabitation rationally, can we measure it from the heart in the face of premarital cohabitation.

whether you like it or not, whether it is worth it or not, so as to make a choice worthy of your heart.

there is nothing wrong with choosing cohabitation or different cohabitation before marriage.

there is no difference between right and wrong, there is no difference between high and low, only between left and right.

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there are so many people and so many different values in this world.

it is precisely because of the difference that the world is so colorful and full of vitality.

if you mind cohabiting before marriage and acting relatively conservatively, find someone who also supports cohabitation after marriage.

if you don't mind cohabitation before marriage, and think that cohabitation before marriage is easier to find true love, then find someone who doesn't mind cohabitation before marriage.

living together before marriage is not only a choice, but also a right for everyone, but also everyone's freedom.

it never should or should not, only whether it is willing or not, whether it is worth it.

here, I sincerely wish you all to be true to your heart no matter what you choose.

on the subject of love, one can not only afford to love but also afford to lose.