Yu Minhong turned over again, hitting how many Internet celebrities who pretended to be crazy and foolish.
Yu Minhong turned over again, hitting how many Internet celebrities who pretended to be crazy and foolish.
Return all your languid indulgence to your past self.

Yu Minhong may not have thought of it.

has been in the live broadcast industry for more than half a year, going around in circles, still relying on his old profession to let himself out of the circle.

recently, the bilingual delivery of "Oriental selection" in the live studio of New Oriental has become an overnight hit.

daily sales are as high as 15.343 million.

has tripled the performance of Yu Minhong's premiere.

7 days.

on the 13th, New Oriental online shares rose more than 100% in intraday trading, and the market capitalization soared 6 billion in two days.

at a time when many people think that e-commerce live streaming has entered the Red Sea stage of the industry, why should New Oriental break through the siege and make a comeback of salted fish?

click to open the studio and you will understand.

it is really a blow to reduce dimensionality when cultural people conduct live broadcasts.

others are bringing goods, they are in class.

sell prawns, they talk about the physics of salted frozen shrimp.

sell corn and they will tell you the difference between corn and maize in English.

can even give you popular science from the quality of corn to "39-45 degrees is a particularly magical latitude range, which is very favorable for crops and animal husbandry all over the world."

selling milk, they talk about the philosophy of life "Don\'t cry over spilt milk":

"Don't cry over the spilled milk, realize that you have not remonstrated in the past, and that those who come can be traced."

from English teaching, to historical geography, and then to humanistic philosophy.

selling goods has become an "online class".

netizens joked that for a moment, they didn't know whether to place an order or take notes.

is simply a clear stream in the live broadcasting world.

You will be the center of attention in our gorgeous short winter formal gowns. Your dream garment is just a mouse click away.

other people's live speech is "three, two, one, link!"

other people's live rooms are full of "dear" and "babies".

is selected in the East, but only "ladies and gentlemen".

there are no exaggerated performances, no noisy environment, no selling routines.

only the transfer of knowledge and the collision of culture.

some people say that Yu Minhong is so lucky that he can turn the market against the wind.

but in my opinion, all luck is based on accumulated strength.

Why does everyone like to watch the studio of New Oriental?

at a time when there is a lot of chaos in the live broadcast, we see the power of knowledge in them.

it is not only by putting on show, acting ugly, and showing off that you can earn money and flow.

people who are favored by this era are still people with culture and connotation.

there is a golden house in the book.

those who always keep their feet on the ground and look up at the stars will eventually find a way out.

the road of live broadcast of New Oriental did not start smoothly.

in December last year, New Oriental moved to e-commerce.

Yu Minhong's emotional act of donating 80,000 sets of desks did not bring him much applause.

on the contrary, he was scolded as an intellectual who lost his character because of the act of bringing goods live.

No one is optimistic about New Oriental.

on December 28th, Yu Minhong and 100 teachers joined Douyin to start the first live broadcast of helping farmers.

sales are only 4.5 million.

compared with the premiere record of former colleague Luo Yonghao, it is hardly worth mentioning.

the words Yu Minhong and New Oriental did not bring them much traffic conversion.

got off to a vigorous start and advanced lukewarm.

has been the norm for Oriental selection in recent months.

there are also more and more ironies.

some people laugh at Yu Minhong, the live broadcast is too boring, Waterloo on the way to start a business.

some people fall to the bottom of a well, hehe, not everyone can get a piece of the pie.

and what people criticize most is that he sells more expensive than other live studios.

it is true that he is so open-minded that he loses his original mind.

but people didn't know about it until the studio became popular recently.

it turns out that Oriental selection is one of the few live studios that do not charge pit fees.

you should know that the pothole fee for a product ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

but New Oriental refused.

and even the samples sent by the merchants, they only need a little.

the steak merchants they work with say that many platforms require them to send a large number of samples during displays and tastings.

when we got to New Oriental, they kept saying that enough was enough.

even if times are tough, even if this is the case, New Oriental has always adhered to its own principles and bottom line.

how silly and really Yu Minhong.

Sun Dongxu, head of Oriental selection, said that they decided from the beginning that their tonality must be different.

if you want to do it, be the "most literate studio".

they want to prove that they don't have to be so grandstanding and noisy to bring goods.

"can't the audience see whether the goods are good or not?"

what's the use of your hype? sincerity is a must-kill.

is not ostentatious, has connotation, uses the idea of education to do live broadcast.

and it turns out that this is the right way to go.

the first person to get out of the circle was a teacher named Dong Yuhui.

he used to be a famous English teacher in the third year of New Oriental online.

because he is from Shaanxi, he is straight.The studio often laughs at itself and looks like terracotta warriors and horses.

however, it is also from him that the audience understands what it means to be full of poetry and books.

A truly attractive soul has nothing to do with being handsome.

introduce a children's book, he can expand from Genghis Khan to you about the Crusades, and then to Su Shi's henpecked wife.

while selling physics books, he blurted out the four immortal beasts of physics.

the knowledge reserve is simply staggering.

and what people are most interested in talking about is the golden sentence of life that pops up easily.

he said: "Luck may or may not come, but it doesn't affect the heart you were supposed to stick to."

when the studio gained tens of thousands of fans overnight, he told the story of his mind when only a few dozen people watched it, to inspire people:

"pain comes from dissatisfaction with the status quo. Only after suffering do you have the desire to change everything. Pain is power."

what impressed me most was when he introduced the Moon and sixpence.

he said:

"how many people just look up at the moon and continue to chase sixpence for food and clothing."

"I'm not asking you to be an unreliable prodigal son, but don't forget the stars in your eyes in the earthly world."

watching him live is more like going through a spiritual washing.

go beyond the commodity itself, talk about love, talk about life, talk about dreams.

that's why it moves us.

this is an era of easy confusion.

look at the stars and Internet celebrities who can make a lot of money without any connotation.

look at the younger generation who have studied for many years but find it difficult to find an ideal job.

We may have all questioned what the meaning of learning is. What can knowledge bring us?

Dong Yuhui's popularity is the best answer to this question.

the world is not entirely satisfactory.

fewer and fewer people are willing to study and work hard.

more and more people want to be Internet celebrities and make quick money.

but the gold that really has something is the big waves that scour the sand and eventually stay.

although indiscriminate spending is becoming more and more attractive, we always yearn for and chase people who are as knowledgeable and meaningful as Dong Yuhui.


it doesn't make you run very fast, but it allows you to take root when a storm comes.

when the highlight moment of New Oriental came, I also noticed another piece of news.

Luo Yonghao, quit the net.

he put aside the live broadcast empire that he finally built up and buried himself in pursuit of his entrepreneurial dream.

repeated defeats, repeated failures and repeated battles.

I have so many thoughts that I can't be calm for a long time.

whether it is the rise of New Oriental or the rapid retreat of Luo Yonghao.

all let us understand that no matter when we enrich ourselves and never stop learning, it is the right way in life.

No matter how much wealth there is, there is a danger of extinction.

but the connotation in the mind, the essence in the bone, will never betray you.

readers often ask me, "Why have you worked so hard for so many years, but you still seem to be useless and feel that everyone around you is better off than me?"

my answer is only one sentence:

"our duty is to level the land, not to worry about time. What you did in March and April will have its own answer in August and September. "

opportunity does not always come, but it always comes to those who can catch it.

Don't worry about the scenery along the way.

learn more and enrich a little more, and the road will naturally get longer and longer.

there are no shortcuts to growth. Only by ploughing deeply can you shine.

I don't believe in blockbuster, I only believe in rising abruptly based on accumulated strength.

I don't believe in one step to the sky. I only believe in keeping a low profile.

not all persistence has immediate results.

but there must be some insistence that thousands of flowers can be cultivated from the frozen land.

No matter no one cares about it, it doesn't matter if you are not as skilled as others.

you should try to calm down, read the books you should read, and do what needs to be done.

return all your lazy indulgence to your past self.

take root and wait for the wind to come.

only if you have a gully in your chest can you vibrate mountains and rivers.